Music Monday …. song of the day Glory by John Legend and Common (Selma)


This song should stir us all up!!!  I can’t wait to see Selma and hopefully be a part of an life changing movement!!  GLORY!


#MyReflections ….The Lesson

ebcbd32a-af2a-4237-9445-ff33826239b1_zpsed0e7debThe lesson.

There is a lesson to learn within every struggle.  Patients is one of the lessons I’ve learned.  God works on his own time.  Sometimes we have to sit in the dirty laundry long enough to learn our lesson and let him work.   I promise you I know how hard it is to do that but I had to fight through a truly deep valley where I often felt alone but even in my weakest moment I found that damn mustard seed of faith and I held on tight to it.  Doing that helped me to be patient for a change and let Him do his work.  How many blessings have you missed out on because you weren’t patient enough to let God do his work?   Faith and patients go hand and hand

Hot topic… Hater or Friend?

 I had a talk with someone today who had a question so I am going to pose that same question to you. When a person sees that their close friend is dating a someone that treats them bad or is taking advantage of them tells their friend that they need to leave their mate why is it people tend to call that friend a hater or jealous? Is it not the job of a friend to tell their friend the Truth? or do you think she may be just a hater or jealous. and she should mind her business?