#BreakTheInternet… Kim K’s nude pics

kim kThis is one of my favorite pictures!!  BECAUSE ITS TRUE!!  I see naked ass all over my instagram and Facebook timeline.   So why are ya’ll hating on this grown ass woman?! She can do whatever she wants to do with her damn body.  Yes she is a mother but hell that’s her and her husbands business. She has posed in playboy before so I am not sure why so many people are mad and outraged.  Its so many more things going on in this f’d up world that we should be outraged about.  To be outraged about this is crazy.  Hell Madonna’s playboy pics all the late 70’s showed her entire body .. bush in all and no one made this much of a fuss about.    Hell if somebody paid my old ass a million dollars right now I would be posed up quick!!!!  my kids need that million….  I will take one for the team.  yup lol

The Buzz… Tank keeps it real!!


The Buzz... Tank keeps it real!! R & B singer, Tank, took a screenshot of one of his Instagram direct images and posted it on his account for all his followers to see.

Tank posted a screenshot of DM he received from some man who claimed to be a minister, exposing himself in a video. Instead of Tank deleting the video or keeping it to himself, he posted to Instagram along with this message

tank instagram

First apologize for this image to all my fans and anybody who sees this! This man is claiming to be a minister and sends this to my DM!! This is what’s wrong with the church now! Misrepresentation of God and who he really is!! This is the devil operating in our sacred place! We can’t allow this ANYWHERE!! I have no problems with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this!! What message were you trying to send a straight man “minister”? I hope ur bishop everybody in ur congregation become aware of your actions! If you’ll send this to a celebrity God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!! The devil is working and this is what it looks like! I won’t stand by and allow it to happen! I will take this down soon, BUT this serves as a warning to you perverts infiltrating our churches!! You’re not welcome!! I pray that God deals with you swiftly and accordingly!!

Tank’s word were exactly what needed to be said! I think Tank needs an award for standing up and calling this perv out!

The Sports Chic… Vince Carter hits nothing but net


Shout out to Vince Carter for making that game winning shot.  That 3 point buzzer beater was nothing but freaking net baby.  I’m not even a Maverick fan but that was hot!   That shot was Vince’s way of saying kiss my ass haters!! He has officially redeemed himself

The truth ain’t pretty… Ladies take time to pamper your man

pamper him

Why don’t women treat men the way they want us to treat them?

What happened to old fashion women who know how to love their man?

Is it possible to find a woman who takes care of her mans needs too?  


When you have a really good man then you should pamper.  At least once every other month you should take the time to pamper your man!  I don’t mean just make him some dinner and give him a little cookie.  I mean go all out for you husband!

Sometimes a man really needs to be pampered. Maybe it’s been a hard few months financially and he has been busting his ass to keep the family above water.  He has worked 2 jobs, side hustled and saved gave every penny to his family.  This would be a perfect time to make him feel special.  Take the time to pamper that man because he needs it.  When he is in the tub get the massage oils ready so when he gets out you can lay him down on a little pallet, turn on some relaxing neo-soul and give him a full massage by candle light.

Maybe your man has given you everything that you want all the time just to keep a smile on your pretty little face. If so then you should do something special for him. If you know your guy is a big basketball fan then maybe you should give him a sports night staycatoin.  A staycatoin is a vacation without leaving the city.  You get him a nice hotel way room, stock the room with beers and snacks, order him some food to be delivered at a specific time and then just give him the key to the room.  Don’t tell him your doing it just do it.  Don’t go with him and don’t bug him for the rest of the night.  Let him chill in a nice room with a view watching the NBA playoffs and feeling good.

If you have a good man then take the time to pamper him because he deserves it.   If your guy is the kind of man that gives his absolute all to his family then pampering him should be a given. Giving him a little pampering now and then will surely make him feel loved, respected and taken care of!    You can switch it up here and there but please take the time and make the effort to take care of him since his mission every day is to take care of you.


Ladies if you  have a good man then i want you to ask yourself when was the last time you pampered him?  If you are single then ask yourself this question, in the past when you had a good man did you pamper him at all? Be honest with yourself when you answer ladies.



If people faced their own truth’s then they would stop making so many damn mistakes!!  

The truth ain’t pretty,









The Buzz… Don’t sleep on Nick Cannons money


nick cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are getting that money!!! We all know Mariah is stacking lots of money but don’t sleep on Nick’s bank game iether.  This dude has more jobs then Ryan Seacrest and he is racking in the dough.  Check out VH1’s fabulous life of special. Shout out to a great team. Haters can hate but it is what it is.


The Buzz… The Game is ordered to stay away

j05n6pi1q5ld1zqfmmj8The Buzz is rapper, The Game, was ordered to stay away from his ex-fiancé, mother of his  and reality star Tiffany Cambridge. 

According to TMZ  Tiffany filed a restraining order claiming The Game broke her nose during and beat her  in an EXPLOSIVE fight at his home on March 16, 2014.   … according to new legal docs filed by the rapper’s ex – says the fight turned so violent, a table broke, injuring both kids. She says their 3-year-old daughter yelled for help because her leg was bleeding.  Tiffany also states that the rapper told her to “Move the f*** out the way” and called her a bitch while tearing her clothing and repeatedly hitting her torso with his closed fist. She claims he also yelled, “I will end it all.”

The Game has been ordered by a California Judge to stay away from Cambridge until their court date in July.


I hope this is not true because if it is then my thug crush has to change because I can’t be crushing on THE GAME if he beats women.  To be continued …..


The Buzz… Love & Hip Hop LA update


princess-ray-j-teairra-mariEven though it hasn’t even premiered yet Love & Hip Hop LA has started off with pure ratchetness!! The Buzz is that star of the new Love & Hip Hop show Ray J’s the center of some chicdrama already. Ray J’ girlfriend Princess Love (hmmm) and songtress Teairra Maria set off the first shooting with a fight! Word is when Princess walked into an LA nightclub when she saw Ray J standing with Teairra Maria.  Witness say Princess went ballistic, some nasty words were exchanged and Princess hit Teairra and that is when the brawl begin.

Looks like Mona Scott Young has another money maker because the public seems to love the drama!


Click on the link below to check out the TMZ video below



The Buzz… Texting and Driving can kill


This video says it all. How many of you have “almost” had an accident or looked up from you phone in just of time to prevent an accident? We all have and if you say you haven’t then your lying!

I took the pledge to stop texting and when I worked at AT&T a few years ago and they had this big campaign. I think texting and driving is one of the most dangerous things we do without even realizing it. Take a look at this video and hopefully it will make you think twice before picking up that phone while driving. parents please share this with your teenagers!!

Story time blog…. One Night Stand part 5

imagesCAY1ZB94One Night Stand by Tlj

Part 5 

  The next day at work Chrissy’s co-worker Amber came into her office with tears in her eyes. Chrissy immediately closed her door and wrapped her arm around Amber.

What’s wrong sweetie? Why are you so upset?


(Amber wiped the tears from her eyes and took a deep breath) It’s Mr. Thornberry.  He was murdered.



(Chrissy chuckled to herself) Murdered?!  Oh my God!!


Yes murdered!  They found what was left of his body in a motel room badly burned.


A motel room?  Burned?/ Oh my do they know what happened? (she asked cautiously)


No they don’t but they think it is related to the  murder they have been talking about on the news for the past month.  That Gary guy.


Oh yea, I heard about that too.  WOW that is scary.


Yes it is.  There are some detectives here that will be speaking to everyone in that was in the office yesterday.


Why? (she shouted)


Because this was the last place he was seen alive.  Are you ok?


Oh that makes since.  Well I hope they find the psycho that’s doing this.  I didn’t really know him but I was looking forward to getting to know him on the company trip.


He was a really great guy.  Between you and I, he was very special to me (she winked her eye).


(Chrissy hugged her) I am even more sorry to hear that.  If you need me let me know.


Thanks Chrissy.  Detective Gerard will be in shortly to speak with you.


Ok no problem.


   A few hours later Detective Gerard and his partner Detective Pearson came into Chrissy’s office while she was on the phone. She gestured to them to have a seat.


(Chrissy finished up her phone conversation) Honey can you please take the steak out and make sure to stop by and grab a bottle of wine.  Leslie and Mark are coming by for dinner tonight. (she pauses) My flight leaves at 10 am tomorrow so you have to remember to pick Ally up from school. (she pauses) Ok baby I have to someone is in my office. (she pauses again) love you too.


(After she hung up she stood up to shake their hands) Sorry about that.  We are having a little dinner party at home.


No problem Ms…..


It’s Mrs. Evans and you are?


I am Detective Gerard and this is my partner Detective Pearson.  Mrs. Evans I am sure you heard about your boss Mr. Thornberry’s murder.


Oh my yes I did.  That is awful!  I just met him for the first time yesterday


Ok so you did not know him well?


No not at all. I am new here.  I just started here a few months ago. yesterday was my first time meeting him.  Seemed like a really good guy.


Well in the short time that you spoke to him did you notice anything off,. different etc…. did he seem upset, worried or unfocused?


He was only in here for a few minutes and he seemed ok.  I guess. I didn’t know him so I am not sure what his normal behavior is but he seemed very nice.  He came in with my boss to compliment on my work since I’ve been here and then he left.


Was that the last time you saw him?


Yes the fist and the last.  (she shook her head) wow I can’t believe he was killed.  Do you guys have any clues?


We have a few leads but we still have a long ways to go. Sounds like you will be leaving town huh?  Vacation??


My best friend is getting married in Vegas and I’m in the wedding.


Oh sounds like fun.


Maybe if I was about 10 years younger it would be fun now it’s tiring (she laughed)


If you by any chance think of anything else please give me a call (he gave her his card)


(she sat the card of the desk) No problem at all. Good luck on finding the nut case who did that.


Well we will get out of your way.  Sorry to bug you. have a good day


No problem at all.



   The next day Chrissy hopped on a plane to Las Vegas for her best friends wedding.  She was seated right next to a very handsome business man. She noticed he was checking her out so she decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up.  As she slid passed him to get to the isle she made sure to rub up against him as much as possible.  While she was in the restroom she put on some of Japanese cherry blossom lotion and added some lip-gloss to make her lips pop before she went back to her seat.   As soon as she sat down the guy was all over her.


Wow you smell amazing. (he smiled) I hope that wasn’t offensive but I couldn’t help it.


(Chrissy gave him a devilish smile) Thank you and i’m not offended at all.  I’m glad you like how I smell since we will be stuck on this plan next to each other for the next 4 hours.


I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to anyone else (he winked)   My name is Erin and your name is?


Chris a.k.a. sunshine


I love sunshine!


You should!


So are you going to Vegas for business or pleasure?


Pleasure (she smiled and looked out of the window) hopefully a lot of it too.


Well maybe I can help you with that. Pleasure is what I do.


Is that right?


Yes it is.  I have a meeting when i get to Vegas but after that I am free for the rest of the night.  You want to grab a drink with me?


I plan to grab more than a drink with you. (she searched through her bag for her second phone) What is your number sexy?


I like you.  You are no nonsense and straight to the point kind of girl .  (he licked his lips) here is my card please lock my number in.


Don’t worry I will.  (she yawned) but i am sleepy now so I wake me up when we land


Yes get some rest because your going to need it.


We shall see.


Chrissy pulled out here travel blanket and pillow and it was lights out.  A few hours later the plane landed in Vegas and Erin walked her to baggage claim.  


I hope you don’t stand me up tonight Chris.  I am dying to see you later


You just don’t know how true that statement is.


What does that mean?


I can show you better than I can tell so make sure you answer my call later.


I will be waiting for that call believe me.


Chrissy grabbed her bags and walked away leaving Erin standing their with a mental hard on and a smile on his face.