Story time blog…. One Night Stand part 5

imagesCAY1ZB94One Night Stand by Tlj

Part 5 

  The next day at work Chrissy’s co-worker Amber came into her office with tears in her eyes. Chrissy immediately closed her door and wrapped her arm around Amber.

What’s wrong sweetie? Why are you so upset?


(Amber wiped the tears from her eyes and took a deep breath) It’s Mr. Thornberry.  He was murdered.



(Chrissy chuckled to herself) Murdered?!  Oh my God!!


Yes murdered!  They found what was left of his body in a motel room badly burned.


A motel room?  Burned?/ Oh my do they know what happened? (she asked cautiously)


No they don’t but they think it is related to the  murder they have been talking about on the news for the past month.  That Gary guy.


Oh yea, I heard about that too.  WOW that is scary.


Yes it is.  There are some detectives here that will be speaking to everyone in that was in the office yesterday.


Why? (she shouted)


Because this was the last place he was seen alive.  Are you ok?


Oh that makes since.  Well I hope they find the psycho that’s doing this.  I didn’t really know him but I was looking forward to getting to know him on the company trip.


He was a really great guy.  Between you and I, he was very special to me (she winked her eye).


(Chrissy hugged her) I am even more sorry to hear that.  If you need me let me know.


Thanks Chrissy.  Detective Gerard will be in shortly to speak with you.


Ok no problem.


   A few hours later Detective Gerard and his partner Detective Pearson came into Chrissy’s office while she was on the phone. She gestured to them to have a seat.


(Chrissy finished up her phone conversation) Honey can you please take the steak out and make sure to stop by and grab a bottle of wine.  Leslie and Mark are coming by for dinner tonight. (she pauses) My flight leaves at 10 am tomorrow so you have to remember to pick Ally up from school. (she pauses) Ok baby I have to someone is in my office. (she pauses again) love you too.


(After she hung up she stood up to shake their hands) Sorry about that.  We are having a little dinner party at home.


No problem Ms…..


It’s Mrs. Evans and you are?


I am Detective Gerard and this is my partner Detective Pearson.  Mrs. Evans I am sure you heard about your boss Mr. Thornberry’s murder.


Oh my yes I did.  That is awful!  I just met him for the first time yesterday


Ok so you did not know him well?


No not at all. I am new here.  I just started here a few months ago. yesterday was my first time meeting him.  Seemed like a really good guy.


Well in the short time that you spoke to him did you notice anything off,. different etc…. did he seem upset, worried or unfocused?


He was only in here for a few minutes and he seemed ok.  I guess. I didn’t know him so I am not sure what his normal behavior is but he seemed very nice.  He came in with my boss to compliment on my work since I’ve been here and then he left.


Was that the last time you saw him?


Yes the fist and the last.  (she shook her head) wow I can’t believe he was killed.  Do you guys have any clues?


We have a few leads but we still have a long ways to go. Sounds like you will be leaving town huh?  Vacation??


My best friend is getting married in Vegas and I’m in the wedding.


Oh sounds like fun.


Maybe if I was about 10 years younger it would be fun now it’s tiring (she laughed)


If you by any chance think of anything else please give me a call (he gave her his card)


(she sat the card of the desk) No problem at all. Good luck on finding the nut case who did that.


Well we will get out of your way.  Sorry to bug you. have a good day


No problem at all.



   The next day Chrissy hopped on a plane to Las Vegas for her best friends wedding.  She was seated right next to a very handsome business man. She noticed he was checking her out so she decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up.  As she slid passed him to get to the isle she made sure to rub up against him as much as possible.  While she was in the restroom she put on some of Japanese cherry blossom lotion and added some lip-gloss to make her lips pop before she went back to her seat.   As soon as she sat down the guy was all over her.


Wow you smell amazing. (he smiled) I hope that wasn’t offensive but I couldn’t help it.


(Chrissy gave him a devilish smile) Thank you and i’m not offended at all.  I’m glad you like how I smell since we will be stuck on this plan next to each other for the next 4 hours.


I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to anyone else (he winked)   My name is Erin and your name is?


Chris a.k.a. sunshine


I love sunshine!


You should!


So are you going to Vegas for business or pleasure?


Pleasure (she smiled and looked out of the window) hopefully a lot of it too.


Well maybe I can help you with that. Pleasure is what I do.


Is that right?


Yes it is.  I have a meeting when i get to Vegas but after that I am free for the rest of the night.  You want to grab a drink with me?


I plan to grab more than a drink with you. (she searched through her bag for her second phone) What is your number sexy?


I like you.  You are no nonsense and straight to the point kind of girl .  (he licked his lips) here is my card please lock my number in.


Don’t worry I will.  (she yawned) but i am sleepy now so I wake me up when we land


Yes get some rest because your going to need it.


We shall see.


Chrissy pulled out here travel blanket and pillow and it was lights out.  A few hours later the plane landed in Vegas and Erin walked her to baggage claim.  


I hope you don’t stand me up tonight Chris.  I am dying to see you later


You just don’t know how true that statement is.


What does that mean?


I can show you better than I can tell so make sure you answer my call later.


I will be waiting for that call believe me.


Chrissy grabbed her bags and walked away leaving Erin standing their with a mental hard on and a smile on his face. 



Story time blog… One Night Stand. Part 4

imagesCAY1ZB94 One Night Stand by, Tlj

Part 4 

After work Chrissy stopped by a small boutique a few miles outside of town to pick up a new dress and wig for her rendezvous with Mr. Thornberry tonight. Since the police were looking for someone with a blonde wig she decided to go red this time.  When she left the boutique she spotted a small motel which sat off of the highway so she went in grabbed a room. It was the kind of place that did not ask for identification.  After that she stopped by to grab some take out for her family.


While she was cooking dinner she sent Mr. Thornberry a text from her secret cell phone.

Chrissy –

So can you come out and play tonight?

Mr. Thornberry –

I can play whenever I want to so lets do it pretty lady

Chrissy –

Good because I have something wild for you tonight.

Mr. Thornberry –

wild is what I need in my life. I am so bored I could die.

Chrissy –

Don’t worry I will take care of all that tonight.  I will text you at 8 so be ready to go

Mr. Thornberry –

where are we going?

Chrissy –

A real sleazy joint because that’s what kind of night I have for you.  sleazy and nasty!

Mr. Thornberry –

wow! I can’t wait. see you soon

(Chrissy’s husband walked into the kitchen)Hey baby how was work?

(She walked over to him) It was great but I am happy to be home with my family (she kissed him on the cheek) At least for a few hours.

Are you going out tonight?

The big wigs are in town so they asked me to meet them out for drinks.  I think I am going to get a promotion soon.

Wow that’s great babe.  You are so good at what you do. (he kissed her on the forehead) at work and at home (he patted her on her butt)

Was that a subtle hint? (she leaned back )

Yes it was.  We have 30 minutes before Ally gets home from dance.

Well I guess we need to get to it then

She pushed him up against the refrigerator  as she unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor.  she squatted down and gave him a blow job right there in the kitchen. Justin then picked her up and sat her on top of the counter and thrust himself deep inside of her over  and over again until they both climaxed. 

Chris you are the hottest wife ever! (he said as he tried to catch his breath)

 You are not so bad yourself hubby.  (she wiped the sweat from her forehead) I did good!  Now get dressed and get out of my kitchen. I have to finish dinner.

I am going to take a shower and watch the news.  Let me know when dinner is ready. Are you eating with us or do you have to leave early?

I could never pass up on dinner with my family. I will leave right after dinner.

  Chrissy went up stairs to her room and  grabbed her little black bag out of the closet.  She stuffed her new dress and wig into the bag and dropped it out of the window.  Then she went downstairs to eat dinner with her husband and daughter before leaving.


Chrissy lwalked out of the house and grabbed her bag that was laying in the bushes outside of her bathroom window then she headed to the Spotlight motel to meet Mr. Thornberry. Before she got to the motel she  pulled over to the side of the road so she could to cover up her license plate.  Once she took care of that she changed her clothes and threw on her red wig before going up to her room.

She turned on some mood music then gave Mr. Thornberry a call.

Hello pretty lady are you ready for me?

(she chuckled) The question is are you ready for me?

I have been ready or you every since you had your hands in my pants on the elevator.

You need to come and get it then. I am at the Spotlight Motel off of Orchard highway.

I know exactly where you are. I will see you in 15 minutes

and I will be waiting with my whip! so you better be here in 15 minutes!

 A whip huh?  This should be fun!

 Room 232

25 minutes later Mr. Thornberry knocks on the door  Chrissy puts on a little lipstick before she opens the door.  Mr. Thornberry had a smile on his face because she opened the door wearing a red mini skirt and a lace top with no bra.

 25 minutes is not 15 minutes! YOU ARE LATE!

 I came late on purpose.(he looked her up and down)  I wanted to see what you plan on doing with your little whip!

(She smiled) Come on in and let me show you  what I can do with this little whip!  (As soon as he walked in Chrissy slapped him across the back with the whip) Get down on your fucking knees and beg me for forgiveness!

(Mr. Thornberry looked at her and smiled) Yes maim.  (he immediately got down on his knees) Please forgive me for being late.  I promise I won’t be late again.

I don’t believe you so lay your sorry ass on the floor on your back right fucking now! (she hit him with the whip again) Now unzip your pants.

Anything you say

A few hours later they were both lying on the motel floor.

((Mr. Thornberry stood up)  WOW I wasn’t expecting all of this from you. I want more.

(Chrissy stood in front of him and took off her clothes) Lets go into the bathroom.  I want to enjoy you in the the bathtub.

Your wish is my command sexy lady.

I hope so because I have one more wish for you. Can I tie you up?

(he smiled) You can do whatever you want to do to me pretty lady.

I plan on it (she winked at him as she opened her little black bag and pulled out some handcuffs and a black belt)  Get naked and then get your sexy ass into the bathtub sir.

Mr. Thornberry took off his clothes and sat down in the bathtub. Chrissy turned on the water and turned up the music. As the tub filled up she danced to the music.

You are extremely sexy. Your husband is a lucky man. Come on in the water so I can show you my appreciation.

Let me grab a surprise out of my bag first.

So far I have love your surprises.

Oh you are going to die when I give you this one!

Bring it on baby!

Chrissy went into the other room and grabbed a syringe out of her bag and then walked back into the bathroom and turned off the lights.

Are you ready fro me?

Yes I am!

She walked over to the bathtub and kissed him on the lips then she stuck the needle into his neck.  It only took seconds before Mr.Thornberry was dead.  Chrissy took off the handcuffs and the belt.  She put them back into her bag  then took out a bottle of lighter fluid, grabbed the sheets off of the bed and throw them on top of him. Then she poured the liquid all over him and the shower curtain.  Before she lit the match she cleaned up the room and put everything back in her little black bag.  She took a quick scan of the room, lit the match, dropped in the tub and walked out. 

As she drove down the ramp to the freeway she saw the motel going up in flames. After driving a few miles Chrissy pulled over to the side of the road, changed her clothes then dumped the dress, the wig and shoes into a dumpster.

When Chrissy made it home she went right up to Ally’s room and gave her a kiss and tucked her in tight.  She walked into her room and Gary was sound asleep with the remote in his hand.  Chrissy walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek, put the remote on the night stand and then she took a quick shower before going to bed. She climbed into bed and snuggled up close to her husband asif nothing had happened.

Story time blog … One Nightstand by Tlj


imagesCAY1ZB94One Nightstand

by, Tlj part 3

  It’s been over 3 months since Chrissy killed Gary in that sleazy motel room.  The police still had no leads and the murder was still the talk of the town. 

One night Chrissy and her husband, Justin, were home watching the TV when their show was interrupted by a breaking news report.

  We are interrupting your local programming for an important news break.  There has been a break in the murder of Gary Perkins.  Police are reporting that they have reason to believe the murderer is female and not man which was previously reported.  Apparently there were long blonde hairs found on the stairs leading up to the hotel room where the murder took place. If you were in the area of the Sunset Motel April 4th, between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.. You may have saw a woman with blonde hair coming from the motel.  If so please call police.  There is a $5,000 reward.

More on News Talk at 11. Now back to regular schedule programming

(Justin looked over at his Chrissy) Wow that’s some crazy shit.  I’m not sure if that is a good sign. We just moved here and now there is some mysterious woman who apparently murders men in sleazy motels.

(Chrissy looked over at him and smiled) Yes that is crazy but I like it here so we can’t let that run us away.  I do hope they catch her crazy ass.

The next day at work Chrissy’s new boss came in with a few other people.

Hi Chrissy, I wanted to introduce you our CFO, Mr. Morton Thornberry.

 (Chirssy looked up at him with those sensual eyes and that smile that lighten up any room)  Hello Mr. Thornberry. It’s great to finally meet you.

(He kissed the back of her hand) The pleasure is all mine.  I have heard really good things about you Chrissy.  Jessica has a little more good news for you.

Is that right? (Chirssy looked over at Jessica)

Yes Chrissy, we are here to let you know that we have been watching you for the past 3 months and we all think you are doing a spectacular job.  We would also like to congratulate you on earning a trip to the company 4th of July getaway in the Hampton.  You are welcome to bring your husband if you like.

WOW! I am speechless.  Thank you so much.  I am looking forward to this trip.  I can’t wait to get to know everyone a lot better. (Chrissy looked over at Mr. Thornberry and gave him a seductive look).

We will let you get back to work. Keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of your day.

You do the same Jessica and Mr. Thornberry it was truly a pleasure meeting you and thanks for stopping by.

Later that day on her way to lunch Chrissy was waiting alone in the hallway for the elevator.  When the elevator finally came and the doors opened Mr. Thornberry was standing there all alone.

(She smiled and licked her lips as she stepped on the elevator) Well hello again Mr. Thornberry. (she turned around with her back turned to him)

Hello Chrissy.  I am glad I ran into you again because there is something I forgot to tell you something very important.

Oh really? What did you forget to say to me sir?

I forgot to tell you how beautiful you are.

(She stepped back so she could get a little closer to him) Oh I like hearing things like that so please tell me more.

Well I wanted to devour you as soon as I laid my eyes on you. (he softly touched her hair)  I hope I am not making mistake by telling you this but I get the vibe that you feel the same.

(Chrissy slung her hair)  I tell you what Mr. Thornberry let me help you out. Here is my personal card. It has my private cell number on it so if you really like what you see then hopefully you will use it.

Chirssy stuck the card deep down into Mr. Thornberry’s pocket and gently slid her hand across his penis as she was taking her hand out.  The elevator doors opened, she walked off the elevator as he stood there speechless and aroused. 

Before she could finis her Chrissy received a text from Mr. Thornberry.

Mr. Thornberry – After that elevator ride I don’t think i can wait until the 4th of July to see you again.

Chrissy – Is that right? 

Mr. Thornberry – Oh yes!  Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?

Chrissy – I have too much work to finish and plus I can’t afford to take time off sir.

Mr. Thornberry – I’m the boss so you can afford to do whatever makes me happy.  I will make sure your work is done and you will be paid OVERTIME for the day.  So????

Chrissy – How could say no to that?

Mr. Thornberry – you don’t say no. You just say yes.

Chrissy – I guess the answer is yes. I’ve never done anything like this before but it excites me.  Besides elevators do you have anything else you would like me to ride?

Mr. Thornberry – make that double overtime! Where would you like to meet me?

Chrissy – I have to run by my house first so give me an hour and I will text you the location.  I hope you know what your getting yourself into to. Sir

Mr. Thornberry – damn is it that good

Chrissy – I will let you be the judge of that. see you soon

See you next Sunday night for the next part to this erotic blog thriller 

Story time blog… One Nightstand by Tlj (part 2)

imagesCAY1ZB94One Night Stand by Tlj

Part 2

After leaving the house Chrissy drove around the corner and pulled out her other cell phone and sent a text to Gary.


Chrissy:  Hey sexy!

Gary: Hello beautiful.  I hope you are on your way because I am waiting for you.

Chrissy: I am but I had a better idea

Gary: what’s that?

Chrissy: I just road past a nice little motel and I was thinking we can skip dinner and get right to dessert???

Gary: Is that right?

Chrissy: yes it is.  I love a good meal but I’ve been craving a great “dessert” for a while now and you look extremely tasty!

Gary: WOW!  How could I say no to that?  Where should I meet you?

Chrissy:  Meet me at Sunset motel off of Campbell road.  Text me when you get here and I will give you the room number.

Gary:  On my way!

Chrissy:  :-*


  Chrissy pulled into the motel parking lot.  She slipped on a long blonde wig with sunglasses and went into rent the room.  Once she was in the room she changed into her little red dress then put some red heels.    She grabbed her little black bag and put it on the side of the bed then turned on some mood music and waited for Gary to arrive.

About 15 minutes later she received a text

Gary: I’m here!

Chrissy: Come on up to room #626

Gary: On my way

Chrissy: The door will be unlocked so come on in

When Gary walked in Chrissy was standing in the middle of the room dancing to the music.

And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs

And when we’re done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me, baby

but you can’t stop there, music still playing in the background

And you’re almost there

You can do it, I believe in you, baby

So close from here

Baby I’ma be your motivation

Go, go, go, go


Go, go, go, go

  Gary was immediately turned on.  He locked the door behind him and walked over to Chrissy and started to dance behind her.

You are so damn sexy Chirssy

I know! (She whispered in his ear) Do you want to try something new?

As long as it doesn’t involve another man I am game.

Tonight is going to be the best night of your fucking life!

Chrissy pushed Gary back and he landed on the edge of the bed. She stood in front of him and unzipped her dress and slid it off.  She was wearing nothing but a red thong, thigh high stockings and heels.

Damn baby girl I like this!

Don’t talk unless I tell you to (Chrissy walked over to her black bag and pulled out a whip and handcuffs)  

You are freak and I love it!

 (Chirssy struck him with her whip) Didn’t I tell you not to speak unless I tell you too? (she licked his lips) Now shut up and take off your fucking clothes!

Gary was turned-on by her aggressiveness so he stood up and took of all his clothes.

Now that is more like it.  For the rest of the night Gary you address me as Master! Do you understand me?

Yes I do Master! (he bit his bottom lip as Chrissy started to dance again)

Get down on your knees now! (Gary immediately dropped down to his knees in front of Chrissy) Good boy, now lick my shoes!

(Gary looked up at her) Excuse me?

 (She smacked him across his face) Lick my shoes or feel the wrath of your MASTER!!!!

 (Gary jumped up and grabbed her hand) You are getting carried away Chirssy

Don’t tell me you’re a punk.  You can’t handle a little smack Gary? (She mocked him)

I am nobody’s punk. (He threw her on the bed and ripped off her panties.)

(Chrissy smiled) Now that’s what I’m talking about! 

Gary proceeded to pleasure Chrissy with his mouth as the music played in the background.

Uh, girl I turn that thing into a rainforest

Rain on my head, call that brainstorming

Yeah this is deep, oh but I go deeper

Make you lose yourself, and finders keepers

It go green light, go Weezy go

I like to taste that sugar, that sweet and low

But hold up wait, new position

I put her on my plate then I do the dishes

She my motivation, I’m her transportation

Cause I let her ride, while I drive her crazy

Then I just keep going going like I’m racing

When I’m done she hold me like a conversation

Weezy, baby

After her orgasm Chrissy grabbed her handcuffs and handcuffed Gary to the headboard


Good job Gary but It’s my turn now.  (She got up and changed the music) Are you ready to get what you deserve Gary?

Yes I am baby.

Chrissy slowly kissed her way down Gary’s body.  Once she made it to his rock hard penis she pulled two more sets of handcuffs out of her bag and cuffed his legs to the bed post.

Damn you are into the handcuff thing I see.

Do you want me to take them off Gary?

No I think I may like it too. Just don’t stop!

That’s good.  Now close your eyes I have a surprise for you.

 (He closed his eyes) I love surprises!

 (Chrissy pulled a needle out of her black bag then climbed on top of Gary and started to ride him) You like that daddy?


As she went up and down over and over again Chrissy pulled the needle out and stuck it in his chest.

What the fuck was that? (He opened his eyes in saw the needle in his chest) Bitch get off of me now!

Before he could say another word his eyes started to roll in the back of his head as he gasped for air.  The more he struggled to breath the more turned on Chrissy became.  By the time she reached her orgasm Gary was dead.

Chrissy took a nice hot shower and cleaned up the room. She put her whip, handcuffs and the rest of her things back in her black bag. After she was all packed up she pulled out some matches in a small bottle of gasoline.  She poured it all over the bed, lit a match and walked out.  By the time she made it to her car the room was engulfed in flames.  On the way home Chrissy drove by a dumpster and tossed her red dress, wig, heels, the prepaid cell phone,  panties and the needle in a dumpster and then she headed home as if nothing happened.


by Tlj 

see you next Sunday for next part to this erotic thriller!

Story time blog… One Nightstand by Tlj (part 1)

imagesCAY1ZB94The One Nightstand  

Chrissy Evans just moved to Atlanta and started a new position at Jones, Peterson and Weitz as an Executive Assistant.    Tomorrow was her first day at work and she wanted to make a great impression so she went to the mall to find the perfect outfit.

While walking through the mall she caught the eye of a tall handsome man with dark hair and a muscular build.  She noticed him coming up beside her so she put on a shy little smile.

Hello beautiful

(Chrissy smiled) Thank you and Hello to you, handsome

You are beautiful and sweet.  I like that.  What’s your name?


Chris my name is Gary and I would love to get to know you a little better

Is that so?

Yes it is.

I am not sure you could handle me Gary so you better think about that before you ask me out

(he chuckled) I am a grown man so i can handle anything you have little lady.

Is that what you think?

Yes I know and now I know I want to see you later.  I like your style.

Ok don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here is my number.  Call me

When can I call you?

When do you want to take me out Gary(she winked her eye)

Tonight if your not to busy.

Send me the details and I will meet you.  Have a great day handsome.

  Chrissy strutted down the hall in walked into a  lingerie store as she walked in she looked back and saw Gary still watching her. She blew him a kissed in proceeded to shop.  Before she left the mall she received a text from Gary.

Gary – You intrigue me

Chrissy- that’s a good think I hope

Gary – Yes it is!  why don’t meet for dinner and drinks tonight.

Chrissy – sounds great.

Gary- ok lets meet at Dolce downtown.

Chrissy – I just moved here so you have to give me an address and a time.  I will be there

Gary – well let me be you tour guide.  I just made reservations at Dolce, 7 p.m.    I will meet you there or I can pick you up.

Chrissy – I will meet you there.  see you at 7 :-* 

Along with her “first day at work” outfit Chrissy also picked up a sexy red dress for her date tonight.

  She finally made it home and walked in the door, put her things down and headed into the kitchen where Justin, her husband and daughter (Ally) were waiting for her.

Hey honey (she walked up to Justin and kissed him on the cheek) How was your day?

It was productive. Did you get the job?

Yes I did and I start tomorrow.

REALLY?? That is great baby.  We should go out and celebrate tonight.  We are in a new state, a new home  you have a new job and new beginnings.

Awww I wish I could but my new boss would like to meet for dinner tonight.  She loved me and we have a few things in common so we hit it off well.

I am not shocked you always blend in nicely with  people.  You are such a great person.

Aww thank you baby.  (she kissed her husband)

Ewwww (her daughter said)

Aww hush up (Chrissy kissed her daughter on the forehead)  Let me get dinner ready for my two favorite people for I get ready to go meet my new boss.

After dinner she took a small black travel bag from the back of her closet and stuffed a wig, a short sexy red dress, heels, condoms, a bottle of pills, gloves and a set of knives in the bag and dropped out of the window.  When she walked out the front door she looked around to make sure her husband wasn’t in the door then she crept around to the side of the house and grabbed the bag she dropped out of the window…..

by Tlj 

see you next Sunday for next part to this erotic thriller!