My Reflections … Memories



People fall out of love with each other and with life so easy these days because they stop making amazing memories with their mate. 30 – 45% of your marriage/relationship should consist of fun, love, wild,sweet, romantic, sexy moments. Once you stop adding spice to your love recipe the love fades away and gets dull then the amazing memories are to few and far between to keep you happy… Tlj


Have a memory worthy day!!

The Break-up test… 5 questions to ask yourself before breaking up

imagesIf you are unsure whether or not it’s time to break-up with your mate then take this simple test.


1. Is the problem(s) in your relationship big or small?   If you are really honest with yourself a lot of the issues in your past and current relationships weren’t big enough to go to war over.  The problem is so many people turn small issues that can be talked about and worked out into a mountain of drama that causes more damage then it should have.  Before going to battle over something make sure it is really worth the battle.  If it is an issue that is worth going to war with your mate over then it maybe time to walk away.  Life is to short for repeated battles.

2. The good vs. the bad? When you sit down and really take the time evaluate your  current relationship does the good out weigh the bad?  Make sure you carefully weigh the good and the bad things.  For example if your mate sends you flowers everyday but he cheats on you all the time then the bad out weighs the good.  Or if your woman puts it down in the bedroom but treats you like shit then the bad out weighs the good.  So please make sure you take an honest look at your relationship in order to make the right decision.

3. Are you really in love or just in a relationship? Contrary to popular belief there is a difference in being in love and being in a relationship.  When your in love with someone it makes you feel good to see them each day.  You smile when you get a text, see their face or even when you just think about them.  When you are just in a relationship and the love is gone those things don’t excite you at all. Are you happy to claim your mate?  Is your relationship status something that makes you smile?   When someone comes on to you do you turn them down with a smile on your face because you are already in love? Or do you tell them you are with someone hesitantly? Are you going through the motions or do you love your love?


4.  Is your mate included in your future plans at this point?  A  person who is truly in love seems to always include their mate in their future plans and dreams.  If you have gotten to the point where you are planning your future without your mate then it is time to walk away?  When you dream at night and your mate is never in those dreams then it may mean its time to rethink some things.  If your day dreams of a happy future doesn’t include an appearance by your mate then its time to get rid of that mate.  Take the time to sit down and think about your future plans and your dreams and if you don’t include your current mate in those dreams and plans then you know its time to let go.

5. Are you already “unofficially” broken up ?  If you really think about so many people are already broken up but they are just going through the motions.  If you are living the single life even though you technically have a mate then it past time to break up.  If you or your mate are “creepin” on the side and doing your own thing then why are you wasting time pretending to be together?  If you are only together for any reason other than being happy and in love then you might as well make it official and break up. As a single woman I have had so many men tell me they are “technically” single.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be anyone’s woman “technically”.  If I am with someone it is because I am the OFFICIAL love of his life and if I cant be that then he can keep it moving?


by, Tlj