#BreakTheInternet… Kim K’s nude pics

kim kThis is one of my favorite pictures!!  BECAUSE ITS TRUE!!  I see naked ass all over my instagram and Facebook timeline.   So why are ya’ll hating on this grown ass woman?! She can do whatever she wants to do with her damn body.  Yes she is a mother but hell that’s her and her husbands business. She has posed in playboy before so I am not sure why so many people are mad and outraged.  Its so many more things going on in this f’d up world that we should be outraged about.  To be outraged about this is crazy.  Hell Madonna’s playboy pics all the late 70’s showed her entire body .. bush in all and no one made this much of a fuss about.    Hell if somebody paid my old ass a million dollars right now I would be posed up quick!!!!  my kids need that million….  I will take one for the team.  yup lol


7e53ee08-fafc-4c79-ade1-29e52fd3f64d_zps2978d58d  I don’t understand how a woman could be with a man that doesn’t have a real relationship with his kids?  I personally broke up with a guy solely because he did not have a real relationship with his kids.  He was a paper daddy  which means he paid his child support, on time and only spends time with them on special occasions.   A real relationship is when the do those things plus spending a lot of quality time with their kids.  If a man doesn’t feel like his kids are worth quality time then he is definitely not the man for me.   But on the flip side How can a man be with a woman who doesn’t want him to have a relationship with his children.  If a woman doesn’t want you to have a real relationship with your children then why would you want to be with her?   Is she that jealous that she can’t share you with your children?? or is she worried your going to be creepin with the baby mama?  Either way she doesn’t have you or your children best interest at heart. Well that’s just my opinion its not the law lol


Dirty Laundry

d7d4ab3d-cb6e-4900-888b-a468dfbe5056_zpsd27e5674Let’s do this dirty laundry 

Someone sent me an email asking me to post this question.

Tracy I have a question for you.  How long should I wait on my man to commit to being in a monogamist relationship?   We have been dating for two years now and he still hasn’t made a commitment to me.  I know he loves me because he has been with me for 2 years but he still doesn’t want me spending the night at his house but he spends the night at my house whenever he wants to.  I cook for him at least 3 days a week and we don’t even live together.  I go over his house and make him dinner  3 times a week, tidy up the house and give him a little but he still says he is not ready to be in  serious relationship??  I just don’t understand why men today don’t know when they have a good women!  Are there any good men left in this world??




First let me say that Mia I don’t think he is the one with the problem.  I think you may be the one who has the issues not him.  You see he is upfront with his shit.  He told you that he is not committing to you but yet you still give him everything anyway so why wouldn’t he keep you around.  He continues to get the best of both worlds with you.  Your initial question is an oxymoron “How long should I wait on my man to commit to being in a monogamist relationship?”.  If he was your man he would already be committed so stop claiming him when he is not claiming you!  Ask your self a question Mia.  Why are you acting like his woman when he makes it clear to you that he is not your man?  Why are you cooking, cleaning and sexing a man who doesn’t want to be in a monogamist relationship with you?  The solution to your problem is easy Mia.  The only thing that needs fixing is you.  If he is not ready to commit no matter what you do he still won’t be committing to you.  Stop giving him the amenities of having a wife when he is not willing or ready to commit himself willing to you. You can’t force, coerce or trap a man into a committed relationship.  The only way he will commit to a relationship is if he truly wants to and I don’t know about you that’s the only kind of man that I want!  Now that’s jut my opinion some people may feel completely different.


The Buzz… Tank keeps it real!!


The Buzz... Tank keeps it real!! R & B singer, Tank, took a screenshot of one of his Instagram direct images and posted it on his account for all his followers to see.

Tank posted a screenshot of DM he received from some man who claimed to be a minister, exposing himself in a video. Instead of Tank deleting the video or keeping it to himself, he posted to Instagram along with this message

tank instagram

First apologize for this image to all my fans and anybody who sees this! This man is claiming to be a minister and sends this to my DM!! This is what’s wrong with the church now! Misrepresentation of God and who he really is!! This is the devil operating in our sacred place! We can’t allow this ANYWHERE!! I have no problems with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this!! What message were you trying to send a straight man “minister”? I hope ur bishop everybody in ur congregation become aware of your actions! If you’ll send this to a celebrity God only knows what ur sending to kids and etc!! The devil is working and this is what it looks like! I won’t stand by and allow it to happen! I will take this down soon, BUT this serves as a warning to you perverts infiltrating our churches!! You’re not welcome!! I pray that God deals with you swiftly and accordingly!!

Tank’s word were exactly what needed to be said! I think Tank needs an award for standing up and calling this perv out!

The Buzz… Don’t sleep on Nick Cannons money


nick cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are getting that money!!! We all know Mariah is stacking lots of money but don’t sleep on Nick’s bank game iether.  This dude has more jobs then Ryan Seacrest and he is racking in the dough.  Check out VH1’s fabulous life of special. Shout out to a great team. Haters can hate but it is what it is.


The Buzz… Texting and Driving can kill


This video says it all. How many of you have “almost” had an accident or looked up from you phone in just of time to prevent an accident? We all have and if you say you haven’t then your lying!

I took the pledge to stop texting and when I worked at AT&T a few years ago and they had this big campaign. I think texting and driving is one of the most dangerous things we do without even realizing it. Take a look at this video and hopefully it will make you think twice before picking up that phone while driving. parents please share this with your teenagers!!

Dear Tracy


Dear Tracy,
This guy I’m seeing has a 6 month old daughter. He stayed the night at his child’s mother house. He answered the phone for me while he was there. I could hear her in the background. But he claims he is not sleeping with her.. I just don’t believe it.. Is it possible for him to stay the night over there and they are not sleeping together.

Hot topic. .. Dear Tracy

Hey Tracy,
First off let me say this is a doozy girl!
I have been married for almost 10 years. My husband has not been the best husband at all.  He has cheated multiple times and I have for given him. We have 2 wonderful children together so I wanted to fight for my family because they mean EVERYTHING to me.
This time things are a lot different. Well,  on Christmas day 2013  I just found out just had a child with his coworker.  2 fucking years  ago!  that I just found out about on Christmas Day!   This bitch had the nerve to show up while my entire family was having dinner. She acted a fool as if I was the other woman. I can’t legally say what I did but just know that I handled them both.  THOROUGHLY!!!!

Now he refuses to move out of the house and his mother keeps telling me that I should give him another chance but I am over this marriage. It is OVER but I don’t want to move out of my home. Why should I since he is the one that cheated for umpteenth time?  What do you think i should do?

Hot topic… Just be you!


Hot topic... Just be you!

Stop tricking people in to falling in love with the fake you. At the beginning of a relationship so many people pretend to be something and someone that they aren’t just to impress or win someone over. The problem with that is if you act like someone different at first then what is going to happen when you stop acting and start being the real you?

For example if you are not the wine and dine kind of guy then don’t do all that wining and dining in the beginning. This way you don’t hook up with a girl who loves to be wined and dined. Don’t take her out to nice dinners and buy her nice gifts if that is not something you normally do anyway. Find a woman that fits you.

Women if you are not the sexy kind of woman then don’t pretend to be hot like fire at first and then once he falls in love, you go back to being Icy Ann. It’s nothing wrong with being Icy Ann if that is who you are. If you don’t like to dress sexy at all or do sexy kind of stuff (wink) then don’t do those things just to get the guy. If sexy is what he is attracted to then when you go back to being yourself because he is going to going looking elsewhere for that sexiness. Not all guys like extra sexy women so why not just be you from the start and that way you find the right man for you.

 Fellas if you aren’t the kind of guy who wants to keeps him groomed and polished all the time then don’t start off that way. If you are a rough neck dude who doesn’t like to shave and get polished up all the time then be you from the start. That way you get a girl who loves the rough looking guy.

Ladies if you don’t like to cook please stop acting like you are a damn chef just to hook his ass and then after you get him the only thing you cook is hamburgers and fries. If he falls for you because you are a cook but you really don’t like to cook then once you stop “acting” like a chef and go back to being you then you two are going to have problems.

The only fair thing to do at the beginning of any relationship is to be you. If that person is not into the real you then that person is not for you and vice versa.