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creepinCheating is not only a man thing. Women now how to get their creep on too sometimes better then a man can. Monique Stewart has been dealing with her husbands infidelities for a long time but his last escapade was the final straw and Monique has finally had enough. Instead of letting it get her down this time she takes a page out of her hubby’s book and learns to get her creep on too. Monique – Jason + Marlow + Kris + Martin + Dawn = Creepin!

love killsLove Kills is an erotic short story that tells the story of Nyla and Marshall. Their love was amazing and admired by many. Life was great and getting better by the moment. Nothing seemed to stand in the way of their fairytale love. Nothing except Chloe, Marshall’s ex-girlfriend, who suddenly slithered her way back into Marshall’s life and that’s when all hell broke loose! The fairy tale love they once shared suddenly turned into revengeful hate. There is a thin line between love and hate and Love Kills is a perfectly erotic example of that. Never ever underestimate a women scorned because sometimes sorry is just not enough!

Music Monday …. song of the day Glory by John Legend and Common (Selma)


This song should stir us all up!!!  I can’t wait to see Selma and hopefully be a part of an life changing movement!!  GLORY!