#MusicFlow… Top Five

top 5

Who is your ‪#‎TopFive‬ old school hip hop artist?

These are my top 5
5. Andre 3000/ The DOC (it’s a tie)
4. Lil Kim
3. Scarface
2. Rakim
1. JAY Z

#QuestionOfTheDay..Should I leave or should I stay???

Should I Stay or Go Two Way Road Signs Make DecisionT.G.I.F. Question of the day. One of my Facebook friends is asking for some advice. This is his email. “I’m currently married but in love with another woman. Don’t beat me up to bad. I want a divorce but I do not want to hurt my wife by leaving her. Just because I’m no longer in love with doesn’t mean I don’t care about her feelings. i knows im so wrong for cheating and I promise you that I have never done this before but i fell out of love with my wife years ago. We married so young which is apart of the problem. however i stayed because i still have love for her and don’t want to cause her pain. our kids are grown now and i thinks it’s the right time to do this. Shoud i stay or should he go? I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place

Comments below—–

  • Kelly Greene You gotta go and it will be ugly because you cheated. If this is truly what you want, you have to go through it! No other way.
  • Tracy IamMsjones Jones I agree Kelly. I think if he is no longer in love with his wife and it truly can’t be restored then he has to go. If I was his wife I would rather you leave me then cheat on me.
  • Jane Hardy Just let her know the worst thing you keep doing is wasting someone time, heck she could have been moved on as well..,
  • Traci MsSpecialinherownway Why keep waiting, you already made your decision. Your not in love with her anymore, you don’t want to be there and you already slept with someone else. Be a gentleman and talk to her stop hiding behind excuses. But remember what you have done to her could happen to you…..Ijs!!!!
  • Jane Hardy One thing I learn in gstting older, no matter if you tell her or if she by chance find out on her own, she will be hurt either or, hurt is hurt no matter how the person find out,
  • Walter O’Bryant Time for him to move on. He’s hurting her worse by living a lie than ‘mannin up’ and leaving. A little short term pain is better than long term agonizing deception.
  • Robert Morris people morals and values all messed up these days. I’m never getting married again… i’ll just lease my women from here on out.
  • Céasár Chavèz Lol wow! No no no!! Lol my mans suppose to stay, love don’t last forever but wen u married her u promised you’ll never leave! Relationships isn’t just about bein in love it’s about growing and living together! It’s a lot of females that’s appealing to me but I made a promise to my woman and I have to stand by that!
  • Céasár Chavèz Lol it’s all maturity! These niggas look at the next niggas doin and b like I can do it too!! No nigga b a man and stand out and take care of your fukin WIFE!! Lol! Bad enough he cheated on her!
  • Gynger Benson No comment 😬😶
  • Tracy IamMsjones Jones My thing is. Just leave and give her a chance to move on and find somebody else. He is being selfish. He is not worried about her feelings he is just not ready for her to move on.
  • PhreeDomm Choyce She’s going to be hurt whether u tell her or not don’t prolong the pain by trying to hold on to what’s comfortable and known……. it’s ok ppl fall out of love everyday. U sir should have left before cheating but it’s done so just go ahead and leave it’s better than continuing to live a lie and waste both your time and hers. Set her free so she can move on since u have already moved on and found love..
  • Gloria Bell This individual seems selfish to me. He states he is not in love with his wife and does not want to hurt her, but he’s cheating

    The real is this woman is most likely providing him with material that he’s not willing to give up. This individual is gaining in some way and that’s why he has not left. It’s sad how a person can say they love you, and deceive you with a smile on their face. It’s okay tho, cause the woman he’s cheating with will do the same to him. Karma does exist 😬

  • Brian Parker I’m not going to beat you up for getting married young, falling out of love, or even cheating on your wife shit happens. I’m going to beat you up for not being a man about this situation. The only tangible reason you offered is that you cheated. Who don’t like a new car smell? Oh but wait a new car smell comes with new car payments and in the case of your cheating ass the interest rate gone be about 72.9% of your net income give or take a percent.
    Women give birth so they are genetically built to deal with pain. If you fell out of love years ago you should of told her years ago, but why? Why did you fall out of love? She doesn’t cook anymore? Sex game done fell off? Obviously there is a strong lack of honest communication. So here’s what you do, tell your wife it’s over, and there’s no hope of ever rekindling the love you used to have for her. Before you do have all of your personal belongings packed up, might be a good idea to have a forensic accountant on standby, and pray this other woman is truly going to stick by your side till death do you part. Hmm…then again you might want to have her stand a few feet back just in case death cometh a little quicker than you would like cause you ain’t walking away from this unscathed. You, your personal possessions, your current bank account, future earnings, and just maybe this new car you’re so heavenly invested in but something is going to get severely damage. Hope your wife ain’t named Katrina. Best of luck to you fella, you’re going to need it
  • Catrina Gee Selfish is definitely the word. She probably is the bread winner. This guy doesn’t want to tell her cause he’s going to lose. My advice to him is: you have no right to play with her feelings. Tell her so that she can start getting over it now. But then again, she could be waiting on you to expose your infidelity to the world she that when you guys divorce she doesn’t have to give you shit. Maybe you’ve done her a favor. Hope your new love is worth it.
  • Jalonda Gee What goes around comes back around. If she knew you were married she has no respect for marriage. Hopefully his new chick won’t do the same thing to him. He will probably realize how much he actually loves his wife once she’s on another mans arm!
  • Charles Graham Been there done that I was married for 20+ fell out of love around the 14/15 mark. Like ole boy stayed because didn’t want to hurt her and the kids , but when my youngest turned 21 I really had no reason to stay the last 2 years we were more like roommates. It will be hard we both cried second guessing myself but I am 1000% happier now not to mention we are better friends now than when we were married
  • Kamal Smith I’m not the type to ever tell someone to leave their spouse. However, you owe your wife the truth about how you feel. Where y’all go from their is for y’all to decide together.
  • Monique Ross Wow.. He’s not in love anymore with his wife.. He cheated… Funny thing. He gave another woman time, conversation, and the love that was for his wife and now he’s in love with her? The problem isn’t they married too young. The problem is his unfaithfulness that lead to the relationship between him and his wife now. She’s no longer his everything because he stepped out of the relationship and involved someone else.