#MomsRock… A Good Mother …..

247c5031-b9a4-4255-9c1b-af05a3772611_zpsb36a0f21A Good Mother is absolutely amazing. Spectacular even.  She gives her family 110% no matter what.  She can be tired and sick and she will still pull it together enough to get things done for her children. God performs miracles through a mother all the time because she is so special.  When all the bills are due and the income does not even cover 50% of their bills a Good Mother figures out a way to cover that other 50% before the “shut off” date.   She not only comes up with the plan she also executes it. Even when she runs into a few obstacles and closed doors along the way.  She will take help if it is offered but if no one lends a hand she will go hard in the paint for her team.  A Good Mother will figure out a way to shit happen time and time again.  The majority of  her goals consist of making sure her family has what they need to have a good life. She carries the family on her shoulders if she has too with a smile on her face.  A Good Mother never stops no matter how heavy the weight of an entire family can be at times.  The strength of a  Good Mother stronger than Superman’s power.  Superman loses his strength if he gets exposed to kryptonite but a Good Mother doesn’t have any other options she does not  stop.  Her strength will never fail. She will never give up and she will never stop giving %110  for her family because its just in her DNA.  The responsibility and duties of a mother can be overwhelming at time but a Good Mother shakes that shit off, brush the struggle off of her shoulders and she keeps it moving because she has to make sure her family is good.  Hats off to every mother because its a hard job but you do it with a smile on your face and  without a doubt you would  do it again for your family.  #MomsRock



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