The Middle

youIn the beginning of a relationship  people spend so much time trying to get to know what the other persons likes and dislikes.  You do this because we want to win their hearts so you do the things that will make them fall in love with you. Fellas, in the beginning you tell her shes pretty on a regular basis. you send the flowers, take her to nice dinners or surprise her with a gift every now and then.  Ladies, in the beginning you keep yourself looking pretty, being sexy, stroking his ego, tell him he’s a great man and have his back.For some strange reason as soon as a couple stop doing these things. Yet they wonder why things are not working out.  That’s bullshit.  If you want your love to last you have to fall in love over an over again with each other.

Relationship-Talk  The breakdown in most relationships is not in the beginning or the end. The middle of the relationship is the most crucial point in a relationship.  This is where you either do one of two things. Either you make the decision to remember to do the things that made your mate fall in love with in the first place  or your going to slack off and forget about those things that won that persons heart in the first place.  The first choice you can make is to keep doing those big and small things that you did to keep your mate happy.  You do what you need to do to in order to keep them falling in love with you over and over again as you grow old together.  Or you can choose to disregard those things that made them happy by not doing those things and run the risk of losing their heart to someone else who is dying to do those things for them..  It’s a choice in life that we all have to make one day if you truly feel like your with your soul-mate ask yourself are you doing those special things or have you given up?

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