#Message… this one really hit home

This one hit home.. I think a lot of women struggle with this so pay attention. Because if your honest with yourself while your reading this you will recognize that you are some what like Martha so this word is for you. I needed this word today so I hope I can share it with other women who  think like Martha as well.  


you version

Martha was intensely practical. She knew what needed to be done, how much time it would take, and how many people she needed to accomplish the task. But Martha’s schedule left her exhausted. 

Always think- ing, planning and adjusting, but never resting. When others wouldn’t listen to her realism, she felt ignored and had to work all the harder. Her busyness led to self-righteousness, bordering on a lack of faith. 

Martha knew the power of God that was in Jesus, or so she thought. She believed He was the Messiah, the Savior of the world, and she knew He could heal any sickness. 

Yet, Martha’s focus on tangible, practical issues masked the deeper questions she wrestled with: Why am I the only one working to make things better? Why do people ignore me? Why don’t other people follow the rules? Why am I always worried? Is it okay to enjoy things? Jesus knew this, so when Martha confronted him in exasperation, He paid attention to her. He heard her words, but more than that, He heard her heart. He redirected her focus, calling her out of her circumstances: “but few things are needed—or indeed only one” (Luke 10:42). The one thing she needed was Him. 

Like Martha, the answer to our anxiety, fear and need for order is to focus all our attention, thought and worship on Jesus. He is the only one who provides lasting purpose to fulfill our deepest desires. 

1) What are you worried about right now? 

2) How can you trust God with your circumstances? 

3) What step do you need to take to make time for rest? 


My Reflections … Memories



People fall out of love with each other and with life so easy these days because they stop making amazing memories with their mate. 30 – 45% of your marriage/relationship should consist of fun, love, wild,sweet, romantic, sexy moments. Once you stop adding spice to your love recipe the love fades away and gets dull then the amazing memories are to few and far between to keep you happy… Tlj


Have a memory worthy day!!