The Buzz…. Love and Hip & Hop Atlanta’s Mimi is a big dummy (Fred Sanford voice)

The Buzz.... Love and Hip & Hop Atlanta's Mimi is a big dummy (Fred Sanford voice)

Mimi really???

Do you really think we believe you didn’t know about this shit?! If there is any body who thinks this shit is real then you are stupid and I have a beachfront property to sell you in the Mojave dessert. Mimi needs to win an Oscar for those crocodile tears! Because if that was really a leaked tape she should be crying like crazy and she would have punched Nikko funny looking self in the face when he told her that bullshit.

Oh and just in case she really didn’t know then she is dumb a a freaking doorknob and should be pimped slapped because it is cater her weirdo looking boyfriend set her ass up.


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