The truth ain’t pretty… What ever happened to old school romantic dating?


What happened to romance?

Is it true that guys today don’t  do romantic?

Why do we always get the bare minimum from a lot of men these days.

    I get those three questions all the time from women about men.  I usually ask if they explaining to their man what you consider romantic?  Most of the time women say “he should know”.  Which is not always true.   Men and woman think differently so we can’t assume they know what we mean by romantic.  Maybe they just don’t know so we have to tell them.  If we haven’t learned anything else over the years is that men are not mind readers so tell them what you love and if he loves you then he will do his best version of it.

   So guys, when was the last time you took a woman on a romantic date?  Whether it be a girl your just dating, your girlfriend or your wife when was the last time you took a woman on a truly romantic date?  Ask yourself that question and then answer honestly.

    I have conducted a number of social media polls along with personal interviews with a variety of men this past year.  Younger, older, rich, poor, blue collar and white collar.  Black, white, thugs and business men and the majority of them “say” they do it all the time however when I ask them describe the date way too many of them seem to think going to Friday’s, to the movies and then having sex to  Trey Songs is romantic.  Although that can be nice at times it is not what we as women consider a romantic date.  Don’t get me wrong those kinds of dates are fine and they are lots of fun.  However there may be a big difference in what you consider romance and what your girl does.  The only way to be on the same page is to be told. Sometimes we as woman automatically think men should already know these things but that’s not fair.  A woman should at least explain to your man what you consider romantic.  Now this is not a bash on men its just some tips from a woman to a man.   Don’t get offended because its not that serious. It doesn’t apply to all men but it does apply to a number of them.

Tip #1

    Dress the part.  When you prepare for a romantic date you should be sure to pick the right outfit for the night.  You need to look romantic.   I’m not talking about soft and sweet I mean romantic.  You should look like your going to a romantic restaurant so make sure you pick up a suit!  YES A SUIT!!  Not a white tee, some fresh timbs and jeans.  Although that can be hot too but its just not the look for “romantic” date.  We can do the timbs and jeans another night.  Your girls mind would be blown if she opened the door and you wear standing there in a nice suit, smelling tasty, looking sexy and fine.  You want to show her the grown man you.  We love that in our guys.  I don’t care how thuggish you are we all love to see you looking like you run some shit once in a while.  Its hot to us but in a romantic kinda of way so be sure to wear that suit.

Tip #2

    Now in order to make sure she doesn’t come over in some damn leggings and a crop top (ladies I have some words for you later so keep reading my blog lol) you have three options. Option One, is to tell her to wear something nice because you have a romantic night planned.  This way she knows to leave those leggings at home and dress up a little.  Option Two, if you want to ball out on a budget you can go to Forever 21, TJ Maxx or Venus along with some nice shoes for a small price.  Send it to her and add note asking her to wear it on your date (please remember send the receipt guys just in case you messed up on the size) Option Three, is the ball out option.  You go to a nice boutique and  pick out 3 outfits.  Pay for all three, have the store hold it and then send her a message telling her to go in and try them on and pick one for tonight and keep the other two as well. They are all very romantic options so choose the option that suits you best because either will suffice.

 Tip #3

    Now when you pick her up you need to make sure you have some flowers in your hand.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t.  Giving a woman flowers is an extremely romantic gesture and since this is supposed to be a romantic date get the damn flowers lol.  You have three options with the flowers as well.  Option One, stop at the grocery store grab a a $7.99  bouquet of flowers.  Option Two, stop by the florist and get a $19.99 1/2 dozen roses.  Option three, send her a dozen roses to her home/work (fyi women love to get flowers at work lol they can say they don’t care but they do ) and you can bring her some Orchids or Lillies when you pick her up for your date.

 Tip #4

    Which brings me to the next issue.  If you are truly taking her on a romantic date you must pick her up!  Back in the day the man always picked his girl up for a romantic date.  These days everyone is so damn buy they would rather meet up instead of ride together.  Now if you don’t have a car then you better borrow one or rent one. get a car and pick her up even if you have to drive her car.  You must pick her up for your date.  You must open the car doors and any other doors for her (this should be standard but its not being done so I am just reminding those who need reminding that’s all).  Be a gentlemen all night long.

Romance should be planned out sometimes.  Romantic dates usually aren’t quick and easy they should have 3 dimensions.  A romantic date should consist of three mini dates.

Part One

The first part  of the date should be  full of dancing.   Take her out dancing instead of a movie.  I am not talking about going to the twerk off at the hood spot (that can be done on a different occasion because I love my hood spots too). I am referring to taking her out dancing, like salsa or ballroom dancing.  Something fun but extremely intimate. You have three options for this as well.  Option One, you can google some shit and find out where they have free ballroom or salsa classes in your area and go there.  Option two, you can check around and find a class, pay for it and you guys go together.  Option three, you can ball out and pay for a private lesson at a real dance studio.  Either option is romantic!

Part two

    The second part of your date should be a romantic dinner.  I am not talking about grabbing a Two for Twenty at Applebees.  I am talking about something with a little more romance.   You have three options.  Option One,  if money is a little tight then take her to Olive Garden.  Its  really not expensive but it can be romantic because it has the Italian feel. Option Two,  you can take her to some place like Bravo.  Bravo is a little pricey however its not out of your reach if you plan for it.  Option Three, If you want to ball out taking her to something similar to Andiamo  or Ocean Prime. They are both more expensive but they are worth every penny. The food is great, the drinks are great and the atmosphere is romantic.  Again, either option is fine.

Part Three

The last part of the date should be one on one time romance.  This part of the date should consist of some good music, a bottle of wine and deep conversation.  Simple but romantic. Take her for a drive through the park, park the car and put your seats back pour two glasses of wine, turn some old school music on and just kick it.   You two should be holding hands, touching, talking and loving each other.  Not necessarily in a sexual way but in a romantic way.  Romance is a underrated.  We should all try it more often.

That is how you do romance fellas!  It make take a lot more effort but its worth sometimes to do that extra mile. If you have a good women then it should be easy to do.

Ladies tomorrow we will be discussing some tips on how to add some excitement to your relationship.

If people faced their own truth’s then they would stop making so many damn mistakes!!  

The truth ain’t pretty,



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