The Buzz.. Jay and Bey making history again?!

The Buzz.. Jay and Bey making history again?!

The Buzz in the streets say that “IT” couple, Jay Z and Beyonce’ will be making musical history this summer. Rumor is they will be announcing a summer tour together! YES TOGETHER!! OMG I am so freaking excited and I can’t freakin wait to see them both in concert.

Can you imagine how hype this show is going to be with all the surfboarding that will going on? I am looking forward to seeing them perform Bonnie and Clyde, On The Run, Hollywood, Dangerously In Love, Drunken Love, Upgrade and the list goes on and on.

These two are the most powerful couple in the music biz! I love them both! I hope they call it the Mr. and Mrs. Carter tour (that was my idea seriously lol) I will keep you posted once the official tour dates are announced.

This better be true or I am going to be pissed ijs


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