The Buzz. .. Mimi Faust smh!!!


I am only going to address the mimi rachetness once.    That’s not a freaking sex tape that’s a professional porno!  I feel sorry for the daughter. She has a hoe for a father , a stripper for a step mom, a hardcore ( literally)  porn star mom and future step daddy.  She is either insane or on drugs.  She needs to be punched in the face or put away.  There is not enough money to make me hurt my kids. 

Ok that’s it. Lol Tlj

P.s. I didn’t think mimi had that kind of freak in her. Ijs 

1 thought on “The Buzz. .. Mimi Faust smh!!!

  1. I agree with u completly.. As parents we have to think about our actions and how it will affect our childrens present and future!

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