Dear Tracy…. Should I tell or should I not

Hi Tracy,

  ImageI have a question for you and your facebookers.  Last weekend I went to a Drag (queen) show with my besties.  We were having a ball when I looked up and saw my sisters husband!  I was in shock!!! He was sitting at the bar alone most of the night but the issue is that it is a gay bar!! I snapped a quick picture of him but I didn’t say anything to him.  I just left.  Now I am pondering if I should tell my sister or not.  I know that sounds crazy but I don’t know how she will take this.  This is some deep shit girl!  HELP ME OUT!!!!  


p.s. Love your blog! 




You know what KP this is a sticky situation (no pun intended).  I would have walked up to him and let him know that I saw him that way he would have had to tell her himself.  However I personally feel like you are obligated to tell your sister a this point.  I know a lot of people may say you should stay out of it and mind your business but I think its waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to big of a secret to keep.

Now after you tell her you then have to let it go because it is up to her to deal with as she sees fit without judgment from you. 

Oh, one more thing.  Please don’t tell anyone  else except your sister.  This is nobody else’s business at all!!  Make sure you reassure your sister that this will never tell anyone else and you will never bring it up again unless she wants you to. 

Good luck and thank you for following my blog.  please share with others 😉   


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