Story time blog … One Nightstand by Tlj


imagesCAY1ZB94One Nightstand

by, Tlj part 3

  It’s been over 3 months since Chrissy killed Gary in that sleazy motel room.  The police still had no leads and the murder was still the talk of the town. 

One night Chrissy and her husband, Justin, were home watching the TV when their show was interrupted by a breaking news report.

  We are interrupting your local programming for an important news break.  There has been a break in the murder of Gary Perkins.  Police are reporting that they have reason to believe the murderer is female and not man which was previously reported.  Apparently there were long blonde hairs found on the stairs leading up to the hotel room where the murder took place. If you were in the area of the Sunset Motel April 4th, between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.. You may have saw a woman with blonde hair coming from the motel.  If so please call police.  There is a $5,000 reward.

More on News Talk at 11. Now back to regular schedule programming

(Justin looked over at his Chrissy) Wow that’s some crazy shit.  I’m not sure if that is a good sign. We just moved here and now there is some mysterious woman who apparently murders men in sleazy motels.

(Chrissy looked over at him and smiled) Yes that is crazy but I like it here so we can’t let that run us away.  I do hope they catch her crazy ass.

The next day at work Chrissy’s new boss came in with a few other people.

Hi Chrissy, I wanted to introduce you our CFO, Mr. Morton Thornberry.

 (Chirssy looked up at him with those sensual eyes and that smile that lighten up any room)  Hello Mr. Thornberry. It’s great to finally meet you.

(He kissed the back of her hand) The pleasure is all mine.  I have heard really good things about you Chrissy.  Jessica has a little more good news for you.

Is that right? (Chirssy looked over at Jessica)

Yes Chrissy, we are here to let you know that we have been watching you for the past 3 months and we all think you are doing a spectacular job.  We would also like to congratulate you on earning a trip to the company 4th of July getaway in the Hampton.  You are welcome to bring your husband if you like.

WOW! I am speechless.  Thank you so much.  I am looking forward to this trip.  I can’t wait to get to know everyone a lot better. (Chrissy looked over at Mr. Thornberry and gave him a seductive look).

We will let you get back to work. Keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of your day.

You do the same Jessica and Mr. Thornberry it was truly a pleasure meeting you and thanks for stopping by.

Later that day on her way to lunch Chrissy was waiting alone in the hallway for the elevator.  When the elevator finally came and the doors opened Mr. Thornberry was standing there all alone.

(She smiled and licked her lips as she stepped on the elevator) Well hello again Mr. Thornberry. (she turned around with her back turned to him)

Hello Chrissy.  I am glad I ran into you again because there is something I forgot to tell you something very important.

Oh really? What did you forget to say to me sir?

I forgot to tell you how beautiful you are.

(She stepped back so she could get a little closer to him) Oh I like hearing things like that so please tell me more.

Well I wanted to devour you as soon as I laid my eyes on you. (he softly touched her hair)  I hope I am not making mistake by telling you this but I get the vibe that you feel the same.

(Chrissy slung her hair)  I tell you what Mr. Thornberry let me help you out. Here is my personal card. It has my private cell number on it so if you really like what you see then hopefully you will use it.

Chirssy stuck the card deep down into Mr. Thornberry’s pocket and gently slid her hand across his penis as she was taking her hand out.  The elevator doors opened, she walked off the elevator as he stood there speechless and aroused. 

Before she could finis her Chrissy received a text from Mr. Thornberry.

Mr. Thornberry – After that elevator ride I don’t think i can wait until the 4th of July to see you again.

Chrissy – Is that right? 

Mr. Thornberry – Oh yes!  Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?

Chrissy – I have too much work to finish and plus I can’t afford to take time off sir.

Mr. Thornberry – I’m the boss so you can afford to do whatever makes me happy.  I will make sure your work is done and you will be paid OVERTIME for the day.  So????

Chrissy – How could say no to that?

Mr. Thornberry – you don’t say no. You just say yes.

Chrissy – I guess the answer is yes. I’ve never done anything like this before but it excites me.  Besides elevators do you have anything else you would like me to ride?

Mr. Thornberry – make that double overtime! Where would you like to meet me?

Chrissy – I have to run by my house first so give me an hour and I will text you the location.  I hope you know what your getting yourself into to. Sir

Mr. Thornberry – damn is it that good

Chrissy – I will let you be the judge of that. see you soon

See you next Sunday night for the next part to this erotic blog thriller 


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