Mirror Mirror….Ladies do you deserve what you want in a man?

imagesCAIT1B99Deserve – do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment).

We as women demand so many things from our men but do we truly deserve what we want?  For example, we want a man to take care of us yet we throw our independence in their faces every chance we get.  It is ok to independent but a man needs to feel needed so if you don’t make him feel that way don’t be mad when he doesn’t give you what you claim to need.

How many times have you heard a woman say “I want a man who works hard”  but as soon as they get one they complain all day about him not having enough time to spend with her?

I have known a number of women who (including myself) who claimed to want a “nice guy” but when we get them we run all over them.  I know I am not the only person who has had a “nice guy” and didn’t appreciate him enough.

I personally know a few women who always said they wanted a man to buy them a beautiful home.  Once they found that man and he provided them with what they wanted they were to damn lazy to keep the home clean.

If you look at your Check list of qualities that you have set for further husband are you worthy of those things or do you need to do some work on yourself first?  The problem is you can get everything you want on your checklist but if you are not deserving you will be sure to lose him.

Take the time to do personal spring cleaning!





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