Story time blog… One Nightstand by Tlj (part 2)

imagesCAY1ZB94One Night Stand by Tlj

Part 2

After leaving the house Chrissy drove around the corner and pulled out her other cell phone and sent a text to Gary.


Chrissy:  Hey sexy!

Gary: Hello beautiful.  I hope you are on your way because I am waiting for you.

Chrissy: I am but I had a better idea

Gary: what’s that?

Chrissy: I just road past a nice little motel and I was thinking we can skip dinner and get right to dessert???

Gary: Is that right?

Chrissy: yes it is.  I love a good meal but I’ve been craving a great “dessert” for a while now and you look extremely tasty!

Gary: WOW!  How could I say no to that?  Where should I meet you?

Chrissy:  Meet me at Sunset motel off of Campbell road.  Text me when you get here and I will give you the room number.

Gary:  On my way!

Chrissy:  :-*


  Chrissy pulled into the motel parking lot.  She slipped on a long blonde wig with sunglasses and went into rent the room.  Once she was in the room she changed into her little red dress then put some red heels.    She grabbed her little black bag and put it on the side of the bed then turned on some mood music and waited for Gary to arrive.

About 15 minutes later she received a text

Gary: I’m here!

Chrissy: Come on up to room #626

Gary: On my way

Chrissy: The door will be unlocked so come on in

When Gary walked in Chrissy was standing in the middle of the room dancing to the music.

And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs

And when we’re done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me, baby

but you can’t stop there, music still playing in the background

And you’re almost there

You can do it, I believe in you, baby

So close from here

Baby I’ma be your motivation

Go, go, go, go


Go, go, go, go

  Gary was immediately turned on.  He locked the door behind him and walked over to Chrissy and started to dance behind her.

You are so damn sexy Chirssy

I know! (She whispered in his ear) Do you want to try something new?

As long as it doesn’t involve another man I am game.

Tonight is going to be the best night of your fucking life!

Chrissy pushed Gary back and he landed on the edge of the bed. She stood in front of him and unzipped her dress and slid it off.  She was wearing nothing but a red thong, thigh high stockings and heels.

Damn baby girl I like this!

Don’t talk unless I tell you to (Chrissy walked over to her black bag and pulled out a whip and handcuffs)  

You are freak and I love it!

 (Chirssy struck him with her whip) Didn’t I tell you not to speak unless I tell you too? (she licked his lips) Now shut up and take off your fucking clothes!

Gary was turned-on by her aggressiveness so he stood up and took of all his clothes.

Now that is more like it.  For the rest of the night Gary you address me as Master! Do you understand me?

Yes I do Master! (he bit his bottom lip as Chrissy started to dance again)

Get down on your knees now! (Gary immediately dropped down to his knees in front of Chrissy) Good boy, now lick my shoes!

(Gary looked up at her) Excuse me?

 (She smacked him across his face) Lick my shoes or feel the wrath of your MASTER!!!!

 (Gary jumped up and grabbed her hand) You are getting carried away Chirssy

Don’t tell me you’re a punk.  You can’t handle a little smack Gary? (She mocked him)

I am nobody’s punk. (He threw her on the bed and ripped off her panties.)

(Chrissy smiled) Now that’s what I’m talking about! 

Gary proceeded to pleasure Chrissy with his mouth as the music played in the background.

Uh, girl I turn that thing into a rainforest

Rain on my head, call that brainstorming

Yeah this is deep, oh but I go deeper

Make you lose yourself, and finders keepers

It go green light, go Weezy go

I like to taste that sugar, that sweet and low

But hold up wait, new position

I put her on my plate then I do the dishes

She my motivation, I’m her transportation

Cause I let her ride, while I drive her crazy

Then I just keep going going like I’m racing

When I’m done she hold me like a conversation

Weezy, baby

After her orgasm Chrissy grabbed her handcuffs and handcuffed Gary to the headboard


Good job Gary but It’s my turn now.  (She got up and changed the music) Are you ready to get what you deserve Gary?

Yes I am baby.

Chrissy slowly kissed her way down Gary’s body.  Once she made it to his rock hard penis she pulled two more sets of handcuffs out of her bag and cuffed his legs to the bed post.

Damn you are into the handcuff thing I see.

Do you want me to take them off Gary?

No I think I may like it too. Just don’t stop!

That’s good.  Now close your eyes I have a surprise for you.

 (He closed his eyes) I love surprises!

 (Chrissy pulled a needle out of her black bag then climbed on top of Gary and started to ride him) You like that daddy?


As she went up and down over and over again Chrissy pulled the needle out and stuck it in his chest.

What the fuck was that? (He opened his eyes in saw the needle in his chest) Bitch get off of me now!

Before he could say another word his eyes started to roll in the back of his head as he gasped for air.  The more he struggled to breath the more turned on Chrissy became.  By the time she reached her orgasm Gary was dead.

Chrissy took a nice hot shower and cleaned up the room. She put her whip, handcuffs and the rest of her things back in her black bag. After she was all packed up she pulled out some matches in a small bottle of gasoline.  She poured it all over the bed, lit a match and walked out.  By the time she made it to her car the room was engulfed in flames.  On the way home Chrissy drove by a dumpster and tossed her red dress, wig, heels, the prepaid cell phone,  panties and the needle in a dumpster and then she headed home as if nothing happened.


by Tlj 

see you next Sunday for next part to this erotic thriller!


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