Story time blog… One Nightstand by Tlj (part 1)

imagesCAY1ZB94The One Nightstand  

Chrissy Evans just moved to Atlanta and started a new position at Jones, Peterson and Weitz as an Executive Assistant.    Tomorrow was her first day at work and she wanted to make a great impression so she went to the mall to find the perfect outfit.

While walking through the mall she caught the eye of a tall handsome man with dark hair and a muscular build.  She noticed him coming up beside her so she put on a shy little smile.

Hello beautiful

(Chrissy smiled) Thank you and Hello to you, handsome

You are beautiful and sweet.  I like that.  What’s your name?


Chris my name is Gary and I would love to get to know you a little better

Is that so?

Yes it is.

I am not sure you could handle me Gary so you better think about that before you ask me out

(he chuckled) I am a grown man so i can handle anything you have little lady.

Is that what you think?

Yes I know and now I know I want to see you later.  I like your style.

Ok don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here is my number.  Call me

When can I call you?

When do you want to take me out Gary(she winked her eye)

Tonight if your not to busy.

Send me the details and I will meet you.  Have a great day handsome.

  Chrissy strutted down the hall in walked into a  lingerie store as she walked in she looked back and saw Gary still watching her. She blew him a kissed in proceeded to shop.  Before she left the mall she received a text from Gary.

Gary – You intrigue me

Chrissy- that’s a good think I hope

Gary – Yes it is!  why don’t meet for dinner and drinks tonight.

Chrissy – sounds great.

Gary- ok lets meet at Dolce downtown.

Chrissy – I just moved here so you have to give me an address and a time.  I will be there

Gary – well let me be you tour guide.  I just made reservations at Dolce, 7 p.m.    I will meet you there or I can pick you up.

Chrissy – I will meet you there.  see you at 7 :-* 

Along with her “first day at work” outfit Chrissy also picked up a sexy red dress for her date tonight.

  She finally made it home and walked in the door, put her things down and headed into the kitchen where Justin, her husband and daughter (Ally) were waiting for her.

Hey honey (she walked up to Justin and kissed him on the cheek) How was your day?

It was productive. Did you get the job?

Yes I did and I start tomorrow.

REALLY?? That is great baby.  We should go out and celebrate tonight.  We are in a new state, a new home  you have a new job and new beginnings.

Awww I wish I could but my new boss would like to meet for dinner tonight.  She loved me and we have a few things in common so we hit it off well.

I am not shocked you always blend in nicely with  people.  You are such a great person.

Aww thank you baby.  (she kissed her husband)

Ewwww (her daughter said)

Aww hush up (Chrissy kissed her daughter on the forehead)  Let me get dinner ready for my two favorite people for I get ready to go meet my new boss.

After dinner she took a small black travel bag from the back of her closet and stuffed a wig, a short sexy red dress, heels, condoms, a bottle of pills, gloves and a set of knives in the bag and dropped out of the window.  When she walked out the front door she looked around to make sure her husband wasn’t in the door then she crept around to the side of the house and grabbed the bag she dropped out of the window…..

by Tlj 

see you next Sunday for next part to this erotic thriller!


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