Story time blog… One Night Stand. Part 4

imagesCAY1ZB94 One Night Stand by, Tlj

Part 4 

After work Chrissy stopped by a small boutique a few miles outside of town to pick up a new dress and wig for her rendezvous with Mr. Thornberry tonight. Since the police were looking for someone with a blonde wig she decided to go red this time.  When she left the boutique she spotted a small motel which sat off of the highway so she went in grabbed a room. It was the kind of place that did not ask for identification.  After that she stopped by to grab some take out for her family.


While she was cooking dinner she sent Mr. Thornberry a text from her secret cell phone.

Chrissy –

So can you come out and play tonight?

Mr. Thornberry –

I can play whenever I want to so lets do it pretty lady

Chrissy –

Good because I have something wild for you tonight.

Mr. Thornberry –

wild is what I need in my life. I am so bored I could die.

Chrissy –

Don’t worry I will take care of all that tonight.  I will text you at 8 so be ready to go

Mr. Thornberry –

where are we going?

Chrissy –

A real sleazy joint because that’s what kind of night I have for you.  sleazy and nasty!

Mr. Thornberry –

wow! I can’t wait. see you soon

(Chrissy’s husband walked into the kitchen)Hey baby how was work?

(She walked over to him) It was great but I am happy to be home with my family (she kissed him on the cheek) At least for a few hours.

Are you going out tonight?

The big wigs are in town so they asked me to meet them out for drinks.  I think I am going to get a promotion soon.

Wow that’s great babe.  You are so good at what you do. (he kissed her on the forehead) at work and at home (he patted her on her butt)

Was that a subtle hint? (she leaned back )

Yes it was.  We have 30 minutes before Ally gets home from dance.

Well I guess we need to get to it then

She pushed him up against the refrigerator  as she unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor.  she squatted down and gave him a blow job right there in the kitchen. Justin then picked her up and sat her on top of the counter and thrust himself deep inside of her over  and over again until they both climaxed. 

Chris you are the hottest wife ever! (he said as he tried to catch his breath)

 You are not so bad yourself hubby.  (she wiped the sweat from her forehead) I did good!  Now get dressed and get out of my kitchen. I have to finish dinner.

I am going to take a shower and watch the news.  Let me know when dinner is ready. Are you eating with us or do you have to leave early?

I could never pass up on dinner with my family. I will leave right after dinner.

  Chrissy went up stairs to her room and  grabbed her little black bag out of the closet.  She stuffed her new dress and wig into the bag and dropped it out of the window.  Then she went downstairs to eat dinner with her husband and daughter before leaving.


Chrissy lwalked out of the house and grabbed her bag that was laying in the bushes outside of her bathroom window then she headed to the Spotlight motel to meet Mr. Thornberry. Before she got to the motel she  pulled over to the side of the road so she could to cover up her license plate.  Once she took care of that she changed her clothes and threw on her red wig before going up to her room.

She turned on some mood music then gave Mr. Thornberry a call.

Hello pretty lady are you ready for me?

(she chuckled) The question is are you ready for me?

I have been ready or you every since you had your hands in my pants on the elevator.

You need to come and get it then. I am at the Spotlight Motel off of Orchard highway.

I know exactly where you are. I will see you in 15 minutes

and I will be waiting with my whip! so you better be here in 15 minutes!

 A whip huh?  This should be fun!

 Room 232

25 minutes later Mr. Thornberry knocks on the door  Chrissy puts on a little lipstick before she opens the door.  Mr. Thornberry had a smile on his face because she opened the door wearing a red mini skirt and a lace top with no bra.

 25 minutes is not 15 minutes! YOU ARE LATE!

 I came late on purpose.(he looked her up and down)  I wanted to see what you plan on doing with your little whip!

(She smiled) Come on in and let me show you  what I can do with this little whip!  (As soon as he walked in Chrissy slapped him across the back with the whip) Get down on your fucking knees and beg me for forgiveness!

(Mr. Thornberry looked at her and smiled) Yes maim.  (he immediately got down on his knees) Please forgive me for being late.  I promise I won’t be late again.

I don’t believe you so lay your sorry ass on the floor on your back right fucking now! (she hit him with the whip again) Now unzip your pants.

Anything you say

A few hours later they were both lying on the motel floor.

((Mr. Thornberry stood up)  WOW I wasn’t expecting all of this from you. I want more.

(Chrissy stood in front of him and took off her clothes) Lets go into the bathroom.  I want to enjoy you in the the bathtub.

Your wish is my command sexy lady.

I hope so because I have one more wish for you. Can I tie you up?

(he smiled) You can do whatever you want to do to me pretty lady.

I plan on it (she winked at him as she opened her little black bag and pulled out some handcuffs and a black belt)  Get naked and then get your sexy ass into the bathtub sir.

Mr. Thornberry took off his clothes and sat down in the bathtub. Chrissy turned on the water and turned up the music. As the tub filled up she danced to the music.

You are extremely sexy. Your husband is a lucky man. Come on in the water so I can show you my appreciation.

Let me grab a surprise out of my bag first.

So far I have love your surprises.

Oh you are going to die when I give you this one!

Bring it on baby!

Chrissy went into the other room and grabbed a syringe out of her bag and then walked back into the bathroom and turned off the lights.

Are you ready fro me?

Yes I am!

She walked over to the bathtub and kissed him on the lips then she stuck the needle into his neck.  It only took seconds before Mr.Thornberry was dead.  Chrissy took off the handcuffs and the belt.  She put them back into her bag  then took out a bottle of lighter fluid, grabbed the sheets off of the bed and throw them on top of him. Then she poured the liquid all over him and the shower curtain.  Before she lit the match she cleaned up the room and put everything back in her little black bag.  She took a quick scan of the room, lit the match, dropped in the tub and walked out. 

As she drove down the ramp to the freeway she saw the motel going up in flames. After driving a few miles Chrissy pulled over to the side of the road, changed her clothes then dumped the dress, the wig and shoes into a dumpster.

When Chrissy made it home she went right up to Ally’s room and gave her a kiss and tucked her in tight.  She walked into her room and Gary was sound asleep with the remote in his hand.  Chrissy walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek, put the remote on the night stand and then she took a quick shower before going to bed. She climbed into bed and snuggled up close to her husband asif nothing had happened.

The Buzz…. Love & Hip Hop star, Benzino was shot!


The Buzz.... Love & Hip Hops star, Benzino was shot!

The buzz I Benzino was shot by a relative on his way to his mother was blasted in the right arm Saturday while driving through Duxbury on the way to St. Peter’s Church in Plymouth, Mass., authorities say. The shooter (who the by the way is his nephew)  was taken into custody on charges of armed assault with attempt to murder.  The shooting actually took place in the processional line for his mothers funeral!  No that’s some serious hate!


Apparently the rapper, former owner of source magazine and the  Love and Hip Hop star is doing much better per his instagram post.


Benzino and his fiancée Althea Heart



Benzino and Stevie J


Get well soon 😉

NCAA March Madness


NCAA March Madness

The Elite Eight are ready to rumble on the hardwood! March Madness continues. Who are you picking to be in the Final Four ?

March 29th 6:09 p.m.
Florida (1) vs Dayton (11)

March 29th 8:49 p.m.
Arizona (1) vs Wisconsin (2)

March 30th 2:20 p.m.
Michigan St. (4) vs Connecticut (7)

March 30th 5:05 p.m.
Kentucky (8) vs Michigan (2)

The Buzz… Sanaa Lathan may be off the market


The Buzz... Sanaa Lathan may be off the market

The buzz on the Hollywood streets is the beautiful and talented actress, Sanaa Lathan is dating the hot and sexy QB, Colin Kaepatrick. Although they have not officially went on the record is a couple they are not shy on instagraming their sweet pic from their dates.

I personally think they look gooooood together!

The Buzz… No more Single Ladies

imagesCAQHCFA1To all you fans of (VH1’s first scripted series) Single Ladies I am sad to report that the show has been canceled after 3 seasons.  The show has been plagued with subpar reviews and the drama with Stacy Dash leaving did not help at all.

The acting was not OSCAR worthy by far but those women could dress their asses off!!!! I will miss the fashion.

The Buzz…. Mary Mary news

ImageTina Campbell’s (half of the gospel duo Mary Mary) husband, Teddy confessed to her a while back that he had been unfaithful. Like any other woman, Tina was devastated however she has stood by her marriage. However on the next episode of “Mary Mary”  Teddy confesses to his brother in law, Warryn, that he has more to tell his wife.  Apparently the guilt is killing him and he is planning to confess everything to his wife, Tina.  It’s sad that she has to be hurt in order for him to feel better. 


Well I will say a huge prayer for Tina and the entire family (including Teddy) because this kind of thing effects everyone.

Song of the day… Dirty Laundry by Kelly Rowland


I know I am late but Dirty Laundry, by Kelly Rowland is deep and I love it! She lets it all out and keeps it real and does it looking fierce with a sexy flow! I was never really a bug Kelly fan until now. I loved that song so much that I decided to listen to the whole album and I love it! Don’t sleep on Lil Kelly anymore she is free from of that bullshit and she has grown her ass up and she is ding her thing. Good Job Kelly! #NewBigFan! Oh and ICE is hot life fire! lol