Hot topic… Forgiveness vs Forgetting

Does forgiveness mean you have to forget?

forgive_and_forget__by_selftitlednightmareI believe forgiving and forgetting are two different things. In my spiritual heart I know that i have to forgive especially if I want forgiveness from the Lord for my mistakes. However i don’t think God expects us to forget when someone has hurt us or treated us in a really bad way. In my opinion I don’t believe the Lord I serve would not want  a woman to forget about what an abusive husband has done to me. The Lord would definitely expect for you to forgive this person, let the pain, the anger go and pray for that person however m but I know he would not mind if you chose not to keep that person in your life. When I say you don’t have to forget i don’t mean you carry that anger and pain I mean you don’t have to keep that person in your life. You can forgive that person and pray for them from a far.    If you have a mate who cheats over and over again I don’t think God expects for you to endure a lifetime of unhappiness.  You can forgive that person for hurting you and damaging your relationship buyt that does not mean you have to stay with them.  Forginving someone for husrtin you aor causing you  is mandoarty but you don’t have to foregt the lesson you learned  and it doesn not mena you have to keep that person in your life after you have forgiven them.

If someone takes the life of a loved one do I really have to forget what they did in order to forgive them? I don’t think I have to When i s

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