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  The Handbook, the code of conduct for dating and relationships is a handbook full of random important rules in the game of love.   We all know there a ton of books and movies about falling in love but that that is usually where they stop.  The Handbook will show you how to conduct yourself before, during and after you fall in love.  When someone starts a new job the employer usually give the new hire the employee handbook.


  The Handbook is broken up into 3 sections.   In the beginning, Falling In Love and Happily Ever After.   Some of us forget the steps to falling in love, staying in love and we most people forget how to stay in love,   keep it spicy, fight for love and live as happily ever after as we possibly can. I think if you follow a set of rules    If you know these rules prior to getting into a relationship then it will make you a better mate and if you’re already in a relationship implementing these rules will help to improve your relationship and give it longevity and I don’t mean the boring, forced type of longevity but the spectacular fun, wild, crazy, sweet, romantic kind of longevity.  Now I’m not saying you won’t have ups and downs but with this handbook it might make things stronger and happier the majority of the time.


I know some of you will say “who am I to think I can teach someone else about relationships” and that is a damn good question but the answer to that question is even better.  I don’t have a degree in Psychology so I am not a professional expert however I have lived a life full of ups and downs in when it comes to love.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I’ve suffered the consequences of a mate’s mistakes which ultimately hurt me.  In addition to my personal experience I’ve done countless interviews with couples, individuals, single women and men, surveys, polls and research.  .  I have real life experience whether it be my own or the front row seats of others around me.   The good the bad and the ugly so if you add all those things together it makes me a damn good expert on dating and relationships.

Just think about it, after getting hired most companies give the “new hire” an Employee Handbook before the first day of work. The Employee Handbook usually explains all the important things that are needed to be an effective employee.  It also explains what type of incentives, benefits and/or bonuses that are given when the new hire meets and/or exceeds the pre-set objectives.  The Handbook also explains the termination policy which is vitally important if you plan on keeping your job.  Now if we all understood and followed The Handbook as much as possible prior to getting into a serious relationship maybe we wouldn’t have so many failed marriages/relationships.  When things aren’t as fresh and vibrant in our relationships we can pull out The Handbook and get some ideas on what to do to make your love life better.


The Handbook will give you a few random rules to the game of love.  The great thing is has something for both men and women who are already in a relationship and for those who are single.   Everyone, who is serious about love, should read, The Handbook.  This way there is no confusion on what’s expected.    Either you follow the rules in The Handbook or you run the risk of losing your benefits and/or your position in your mate’s life.   Don’t get me wrong every couple is different so things may vary a little, but the most important things are usually similar.  So get out your highlighter out, grab some wine or a beer and get ready to learn a few things that will probably make love good again.

The Handbook… the code of conduct for dating and relationships , By,Tlj will be hitting bookstores and E-book shelves in Spring/Summer 2014

Get ready!


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