The Buzz… *hit just got real for George Zimmerman

ImageSh*t just got real!! According to TMZ George Zimmerman, after Zimmerman taped an interview with Univsion and Fusion he took his girlfriend, kids and friends out to  Miami Beach to catch some sun-rays.  Well I don’t think he expected the not so warm welcome from the other beach combers.  Per TMZ, Zimmerman  was spotted by a few other people on the beach and they started to shout that there was a bounty on his head.  The crowd got bigger and a little more angrier and chased them into the hotel where the drama continued. This is not going to end well. 

The bounty could be real because there was a previous 1 million dollar bounty on his head by the Black Panthers.  check out the youtbue video below

  This is not going to end well.  Unless he comes out and admits he was wrong, takes his punishment  and then he is going to have to beg and cry for forgiveness.   

You can read the complete aritcle on 



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