The Sports Chic…. Jayru Campbell

The Sports Chic.... Jayru Campbell

I was just sitting here watching Huel Perkins Let It Rip (on My Fox 2 Detroit)  and Larry Foote, former Pittsburgh Steeler, just changed my view regarding the Jayru Campbell situation. Maybe he does need some tough love now so he doesn’t end up being another Pac Man Jones (sorry Pac Man lol ) in the future. I just hope that along with the strict punishment they get him some REAL help with his temper and a dedicated mentor once he goes to MSU as well. I would rather he go through the hard time now and get help so when he does become a NFL star he doesn’t lose it. As we have all seen before, a bad temper mixed with a ton of money and extreme fame can be a toxic mix. I pray that whatever the legal outcome is that he has learned his lesson and is ready to stay focused from this point on because that is what really matters.

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2 thoughts on “The Sports Chic…. Jayru Campbell

  1. I think when he slammed the much smaller security guard on the hard floor he was showing off for those standing nearby. He intended to injure the man and make an example of him to anyone that might consider confronting him. As a man, his actions tell me that his celebrity has warped his sense of right and wrong. As a Michigan State alum, he is not the type of athlete that I want representing the Spartan football team nor is he the type of man that I would want to deal with my daughter or niece!

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