The Sports Chic…..SEC Defensive Player of The Year admits he is gay

ImageMissouri’s, Michael Sam, came out of the closet and told the world that he is an openly gay man who just so happens to be a great football player as well. He admitted this in a Sports Illustrated interview along with the fact that he told his entire team (in a team meeting) months ago and they were all cool with it. Now so many people are saying this will destroy his chances of being drafted.  I have no clue why the future of this young man’s football career should be judge based on his sexual preference.  It should be based on his on the field contribution.  This guy was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year!! He had 11.5 sacks!

I know so many people may disagree me but tell me why you disagree?? it fair to think jut because he is gay he is going to want the guys in the locker room?  Do you think he is not going to play as hard as the other members on the team??? Do you think the NFL is ready for this?  Will this ruin his chances for being drafted????


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