The Buzz… Parents upset about the Beyonce and Jay-Z perfomance

The Buzz... Parents upset about the Beyonce and Jay-Z  perfomance

I just read an article in People regarding Beyonce’ and Jay-Z’s performance on the Grammy’s. The article stated that some parents were upset because it was to “HOT” for their kids. Okay let’s all think back on all the previous awards shows for a moment (thinking, thinking, thinking and thinking) .

Okay now that we have all pondered this for a moment let me say what I think. ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?????? Madonna Kissed Britney and Christina! Britney damn near screwed a snake in her super sexy performance, Katy Perry has shot cream out of her nipples, Shakira gives off enough heat to heat up the D and Lady GAGA has done just about everything you could think of and no one has said a damn word. As soon as to beauthfil black people heat up the stage its a problem??  You are trying to tell me that  this black husband and wife power couple hits the stage that it’s to hot for TV??? GTFOH!!!!  Hell, I thought they could have stepped the heat up a notch to tell you the truth. These kids see more that that on regular tv and youtube!

read the article at


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