Hot topic… Just be you!

Hot topic... Just be you!

Stop tricking people in to falling in love with the fake you. At the beginning of a relationship so many people pretend to be something and someone that they aren’t just to impress or win someone over. The problem with that is if you act like someone different at first then what is going to happen when you stop acting and start being the real you?

For example if you are not the wine and dine kind of guy then don’t do all that wining and dining in the beginning. This way you don’t hook up with a girl who loves to be wined and dined. Don’t take her out to nice dinners and buy her nice gifts if that is not something you normally do anyway. Find a woman that fits you.

Women if you are not the sexy kind of woman then don’t pretend to be hot like fire at first and then once he falls in love, you go back to being Icy Ann. It’s nothing wrong with being Icy Ann if that is who you are. If you don’t like to dress sexy at all or do sexy kind of stuff (wink) then don’t do those things just to get the guy. If sexy is what he is attracted to then when you go back to being yourself because he is going to going looking elsewhere for that sexiness. Not all guys like extra sexy women so why not just be you from the start and that way you find the right man for you.

 Fellas if you aren’t the kind of guy who wants to keeps him groomed and polished all the time then don’t start off that way. If you are a rough neck dude who doesn’t like to shave and get polished up all the time then be you from the start. That way you get a girl who loves the rough looking guy.

Ladies if you don’t like to cook please stop acting like you are a damn chef just to hook his ass and then after you get him the only thing you cook is hamburgers and fries. If he falls for you because you are a cook but you really don’t like to cook then once you stop “acting” like a chef and go back to being you then you two are going to have problems.

The only fair thing to do at the beginning of any relationship is to be you. If that person is not into the real you then that person is not for you and vice versa.


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