The Buzz.. Justin Bieber and his parents needs an ass whooping!


Enough is enough!

This has gone on long enough. It is time for someone to finally keep it real and get this kid under control! Yes I know he is legally an adult but I don’t care how old Justin is his parents should have gotten his little ass in line a long time ago. I could care less how much money he makes he still needs an old fashion parental beat down. If you act a fool you will get that ass whooped in my family. I have a 25 year old son and if he gets a DUI I am going to march my old ass right down to the jail, ask the guard if I can visit him and as soon as he walks in the room I am going to smack him right in his head!! I don’t play that! As a parent I worked way to hard to put my children on the right path to let them blow it just because they are “GROWN”. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying a parent needs to be in their children’s business but when it comes to serous situation then you should be all in their damn business! I am a parent for life so when my kids need a little discipline and guidance they will get if from me first. People always say “well he is grown what can you do”. I can act a fool and then give him some tough love! I might not be able to stop him for making bad mistakes but I am going to fight hard to try to prevent it even if that means pulling out a belt! I told my youngest daughter that if she was a superstar and starting acting cray cray that I was going to walk right on stage while she is performing and shut all that shit down.

Now it doesn’t help that his parents are to damn busy partying then focusing on their job which is parenting! He could be bill gates and if he is out acting like a untamed idiot I will show refresh his memory on what kind of momma he has! Yea he is the bread winner however Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you don’t get that beat down when you get out of line. I would say to his parents that they need to stop trying to live vicariously through your son and do what’s best for him which sometimes is some old school tough love! Justin’s father (who was not even in Justin’s life before he became a superstar) was with him when he was driving drunk and drag racing. The rumor is his he was also smoking pot and partying Justin on that private jet smoking and partying with Justin and his friends on the way to NYC for Super bowl week. (I will talk about those friends in a second) and per the crew on the plane he was also rude and extremely disrespectful to the flight attendant. Oh, and his mother is so busy trying to start her own singing career and doing her own thing instead of putting that boy in his place. It’s time to stop posing for paparazzi boo and start acting like a mom to your son before he becomes another child start statistic.

Now lets tall about his little posy (literally). Lil Zane and Lil this and Lil that need to get ghost! First I would try to help them too but if they don’t want any help then they have to go! As a mother I would tell those leaching ass trouble making friends of he’s to beat it and if they don’t I will get “THE CREW” to handle them . I promise you have a visit from “THE CREW” they will understand without a doubt that I was giving them an order not a request. then I would make him take off a year from the spot light to get his shit together.

Scooter Braun, the manager, is the blame as well. He did this whole damn, “Believe”, movie about how Justin is not out of control and just living life in December and a few months late after the shit hits the fan he threatens to live if Justin doesn’t get it together! WAIT a damn minute, I am confused. I took my daughter to see that move and I can remember you saying how all those Out of control, drug and partying rumors were nothing but exaggerated lies made up by the evil media! a few months later you are now your acting like this is all brand new. STOP PLAYING dude!! You knew he was off the damn hook and you should have gotten in his ass (pause) a long time ago!

Last not forget about the famous and hot (random I know), Usher Raymond. Usher you are supposed to be thi8s kids mentor and he is your prodigy so you are also responsible for trying to keep him afloat in the crazy typhoon we call HOLLYWOOD. It is time for you to step in and step in hard! Usher you need to get some of your famous home boys together along with some stars who have been through drug, drinking and partying abuse and give him a HARDCORE, TOUGH LOVE, SCARED STRAIGHT INTERVENTION!

Last but not least we have you Justin. You have to sit your little ass down some where and look at your life right at this moment. Things are spiraling out of control and you are about to lose everything including your life if you don’t get your ass into shape! I can’t imagine the pressure you are under and the weight you carry by being “JUTIN BIEBER” the superstar. I am sure it is a lot especially for someone your age. But you have to get your shit together before it is to late. I am sick of seeing you on TV effn up! Get rid of the negative influences in your life and take some time off to work on your problems. It is time to man the F@#k up and stop acting like a spoiled little rich kid with a attitude. Enough is enough. I would hate to see you on the news because you died from a overdose of someth8ing or crashing your car because your driving to fast and impaired! Don’t be that guy ! It is never to late to get it right but you have to work at in order for that to happen so pull your freaking pants up, put that ghetto ass syrup crap down and get your shit together! Prove everyone wrong and turn things around before it is way to late!


The Buzz.. Naya Rivera on the cover of Cosmopolitan Latinas




Naya Rivera on the cover of Cosmopolitan Latinas looking like a fire!!


You go girl! The Latina triple threat is rocking it on the Latina Cosmo cover and those heels are just as hot as she is. No wonder the Detroit Rapper, Big Sean, put a ring on it. Smart Man 😉

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Hot topic. .. Dear Tracy

Hey Tracy,
First off let me say this is a doozy girl!
I have been married for almost 10 years. My husband has not been the best husband at all.  He has cheated multiple times and I have for given him. We have 2 wonderful children together so I wanted to fight for my family because they mean EVERYTHING to me.
This time things are a lot different. Well,  on Christmas day 2013  I just found out just had a child with his coworker.  2 fucking years  ago!  that I just found out about on Christmas Day!   This bitch had the nerve to show up while my entire family was having dinner. She acted a fool as if I was the other woman. I can’t legally say what I did but just know that I handled them both.  THOROUGHLY!!!!

Now he refuses to move out of the house and his mother keeps telling me that I should give him another chance but I am over this marriage. It is OVER but I don’t want to move out of my home. Why should I since he is the one that cheated for umpteenth time?  What do you think i should do?

Question of the day… Is a “Nice” guy automatically a “Good” guy?

ef8e72f6-5372-49a9-a25c-e4eb6c3675a4_zps29dcc2a3As women we always assume that the “Nice” is automatically a “Good” guy.  I think we do that because we repeatedly assume that they are both one in the same.  Do you believe that a “Nice” Guy and a “Good” Guy are the same?  Do they mean the same thing in your mind?