A well groomed man… Tip #102

Rule #113 A well groomed man

suit-for-mens-weddingAs a woman I must say that a well groomed man is a true turn on!  If you want more loving at home then come home looking and smelling like a million bucks!   I don’t mean you have to wear Gucci and Louie but you do have to take a little more pride in your look on a regular basis.  It seems that women are the only ones who are held to a higher standard when it comes to keeping it tight.  Contrary to popular belief men are not the only ones who are visual creatures.  Ladies are just as visual if not more.  When a woman spots a well groomed man who makes an effort to stay in shape it turns her on no matter who she is.

When you walk in the house after a long day at work you should look just as good as you want your wife to look when you see each day.  If your wife looks up and sees you walking in the house looking like a million bucks I can assure you she is extremely turned on even if she can’t get to you right at that moment she is looking forward to when she can.   If you want to keep your wife interested in you then take the time to take care of yourself or you might run the risk of her looking elsewhere.

So guys please stop going weeks without getting a haircut.  Stop coming in the house and throwing some smelly basketball shorts on and that same old raggedy t-shirt with those germ filled Nike flips flops that you have had for years!  You lye around passing gas, burping, ashy as hell with a beer belly and rough feet.  Believe me there is nothing hot about that.  Then you hop in the bed with your wife and expect her to want to make love to you.  If she does most of the time is out of obligation instead of sexual attraction.  I know some of you may say you don’t care as long as you are getting “it” but there is a drastic difference between having sex with your husband because it’s your “duty” than it is when you make love to your husband because he still turns you on.  Just remember when a woman spots a well groomed man from across the room it is magical.  It is something about a well groomed man that gives a woman a little tingle.

by, Tlj


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